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Fire protection at oil and gas facilities

In a petrochemical-rich environment, fire safety is the first concern. Nnamdi Anyadike takes a look at recently-launched fire safety devices.

Biodegradable lubricants taking centre stage

As the oil and gas industry looks to decarbonise its operations, bio lubricants could be an important component of a greener future. Nnamdi Anyadike investigates.

Norwegian offshore future hanging in balance

With the future of Norwegian oil and gas in the balance, we investigate the recent past and near future of this vital sector

Maersk’s new generation drill rigs boost North Sea hopes

Maersk’s massive XLE4 rig is on course for deployment before the end of this year and could herald the leap forward in rig technology that the North Sea so desperately needs. Nnamdi Anyadike investigates.

Shale tsunami: the virtual pipeline funnelling oil to Europe’s shores

A virtual tsunami of US liquid shale gas is about to wash up on Europe’s shores. And with it comes the best chance in decades for Europe’s high energy costs to be reduced. Nnamdi Anyadike investigates.

Could unmanned platforms provide the boost the North Sea needs?

A method of reducing production costs through the use of unmanned well head platforms (UWHPs) could turn out to be the revolution that the offshore oil industry so desperately needs. Nnamdi Anyadike reports on how a successful roll-out could provide the key to unlocking over a billion of barrels of North Sea oil from around 210 marginal pools

Gap in the market: the ins and outs of offshore insurance

A gap in the healthcare insurance market for offshore oil and gas workers has been spotted and brokers are moving in to take advantage of it. Nnamdi Anyadike investigates.

Gorgon LNG: down but not out as hopes rest on a price rebound

The shutdown of Train 1 of the Gorgon joint venture partners Barrow Island LNG venture in Australia in May has thrown an unwelcome spotlight onto a project that some in the industry now argue is less viable than when it was conceived almost a decade ago. Nnamdi Anyadike asks what’s next for one of the world’s biggest LNG projects?