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Correspondent Oliver Gordon is a sustainability-focused multimedia journalist based in London. He has previously worked for Struggles From Below, Uxolo Development Finance, Proximo Infra, TXF News, City AM and Euromoney. Contact Ollie at: oliver.gordon [at]

Carbon removal: 27 years to create the world’s largest industry  

Offshore Technology’s sister publication Energy Monitor talks to think tank RMI about its ground-breaking new research on carbon dioxide removal (CDR), laying out – for the first time anywhere – the status of all 32 known approaches to CDR. 

The water crisis threatens the energy transition – CDP

Across the fossil fuel, power production and mining sectors, there are a growing number of assets at risk of being stranded as a direct result of the global water crisis, according to research from CDP.

Petrostates to lose $8trn of fossil-fuel income by 2040

A moderately paced energy transition will see 28 petrostates lose over half their fossil-fuel revenues by 2040 as demand declines and prices tumble, according to new research from Carbon Tracker.

“Extraordinary” clean energy growth keeping 1.5°C door ajar – IEA’s Laura Cozzi

Following the publication of the IEA’s latest Net Zero Roadmap and World Energy Outlook, one of the authors tells Energy Monitor that growth in clean energy technologies is keeping the dream of 1.5°C alive – just about.

Are forest-based carbon offsets worth saving?

After countless media scandals surrounding the integrity of REDD+ carbon offsets, a new study says enough is enough, it is time to scrap the whole system – but can we afford to start again?

Fossil-fuel subsidies rise to record $7trn – IMF

In the wake of the Covid pandemic and the Ukraine war, implicit and explicit fossil fuel subsidies have surged by $2trn over the past two years, according to the IMF.

AI cuts climate-warming contrails of planes by 54% – Google study 

Contrails could be avoided at scale for around $5–25/tonne CO₂e using AI-based flight route planning, finds the research from Google, American Airlines and Breakthrough Energy.

Governments should stop ‘propping up’ oil and gas – report

Rather than supporting the oil and gas industry with fiscal and regulatory measures, governments should be introducing measures to phase out fossil fuels, according to new research focused on the North Sea energy transition.

Survey reveals lack of energy sector upskilling harming UK’s net-zero transition

City & Guilds and Engineering UK surveyed 1,000 energy sector workers, including 500 in high-carbon energy industries.

Fossil fuel countries less concerned by climate change – survey

People in fossil fuel-producing countries are less likely to view climate change as a threat, according to a global survey of 125,000 people.