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Building Information Modelling: designing and maintaining offshore rigs

The words building information modelling may not inspire passion in the hearts of people working in construction, but they have become commonplace in the industry. A government mandate issued this year has made BIM, a construction tool which embeds product and asset data into a 3D computer model, a requirement for all centrally secured projects. If BIM is so important to the construction industry, could its uses translate to the offshore industry?

OPEC: at pains to proves its relevance in today’s global oil market

Since November 2014 OPEC has refused to put a ceiling on oil production, even as the price of oil began and continued to drop to a 13 year low. OPEC’s prediction that the market would eventually rebalance looks to be coming true, so what can we expect from the organisation in future?

Should offshore oil look to the motoring industry?

In the 80s and 90s the UK motoring industry, faced with crashing sales, buckled down, curbed costs and focused on quality, eventually redeveloping itself into a lucrative industry. Can the UK’s offshore industry learn from this spectacular recovery?

Iran post-sanctions: oil riches unlocked?

The lifting of sanctions on Iran will have a profound effect on its oil industry – that much is certain. Whether the unleashing of vast quantities of oil into an already oversaturated and depressed market will be good for either the country or the industry is a billion dollar question.

Saudi Aramco: privately going public?

Saudi Arabia has confirmed that it is considering floating a portion of the national oil company Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer, on the stock market. How could a partial share offer go ahead, and what might be the effects on the wider oil and gas sector?

Israel’s Leviathan gas deal: not out of the woods yet

In August 2015, after almost five years of negotiation, the Israeli Government announced it had reached a deal with a US-Israeli consortium to develop the Leviathan gas field, 80 miles off the coast of Israel. Since the deal was signed, the government has been accused of allowing a monopoly to take hold, which will mean higher energy prices for the average Israeli. After all this wrangling, will the deal hold up?

Subsea Systems Institute: restoring faith in offshore oil and gas

Bill Maddock was recently named director of the Subsea Systems Institute, formed in early 2015 to aid research and technology development for the marine oil and gas sector. In this interview, Maddock discusses his new position and what lies ahead for the institute.

Calling all wearables: oil and gas needs you

At the Wearable Technology Show last week, BP’s Digital Innovation Organisation technology principal Blain Tookey called for developers to start thinking about the potential applications of wearable technology for the oil and gas sector. How easy is it to convert consumer wearables into products safe enough to use on oil and gas sites?

Flying in the workforce: Air Partner forges ahead with new services

Despite the recent downturn in oil prices, the numbers of staff working on offshore oil rigs is increasing. In a bid to put them ahead of the competition, Air Partner has recently announced a suite of new services for their clients.