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Innovations in plug and abandonment

With decommissioning being an increasingly important field for oil and gas operators, companies have invested significantly in technologies that could reduce the time and cost of these essential operations. We explore the new systems that could improve the plug and abandonment process.

Equinor invests $554m in safety and automation deals

Norwegian oil and gas multinational Equinor has awarded framework agreements for safety and automation systems worth $554m (NOK 5bn) with five suppliers.

Equinor abandons oil terminal project for Johan Castberg

Norwegian oil and gas multinational Equinor, along with partners Var Energi and Petoro, have concluded that a downscaled ship-to-ship oil transfer terminal for the Johan Castberg field development offshore Norway would be too costly.

Two Equinor workers injured in Heimdal platform explosion

Two Equinor employees were injured in what the company called a “serious work-related incident” on its Heimdal platform in the North Sea on 28 November 2019.

ABB proves subsea power system for offshore oil and gas

ABB has proved that its subsea power distribution and conversion technology system for the offshore oil and gas industry is commercially viable.

How ultrasonic tech could open up Arctic exploration

Researchers at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) have developed a new technology for acoustic low-frequency oil and gas exploration in cooperation with exploration company Anchar, for use in the Arctic. The technology can capture ultrasonic noise heard in offshore oil and gas fields, which is challenging in icy fields. Umar Ali spoke to the team about the technology.

Aker BP accelerates startup of Norwegian Ærfugl project

Aker BP has announced its decision to proceed with phase 2 of the Ærfugl offshore development project, three years ahead of the original plan.

Equinor discovers oil and gas in North Sea Echino South well

Equinor has discovered oil and gas in the Echino South exploration well in the North Sea, with estimated recoverable resources of 38-100mmboe.

How SBT Energy’s “disruptive buoy” could help offshore oil and gas thrive

SBT Energy has announced the successful completion of a wave-tank test programme and preliminary field trials for its buoy concepts.

OGTC advances offshore robot development project

The OGTC has announced a number of advances in its robotics development programme to create the world’s first Offshore Work Class Robot.