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Emerson Automation Solutions delivers effective automation technologies and support services that address a wide range of challenges currently faced by the global oil and gas sector in order to improve the efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness of clients’ processes throughout the project lifecycle.

Process optimisation technology for offshore applications

Emerson is dedicated to providing its clients with cutting-edge systems that help ensure they engineer and operate their offshore platforms in an optimally cost-effective manner in order to maximise profitability and return on investment (RoI).

Through effective early engagement, Emerson can assist customers in achieving first oil production and delivering name-plate capacity as soon as possible, beginning with front-end engineering design (FEED) works and continuing over platform’s full operational life.

We provide clients with the expert solutions required to design, build and operate a floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) unit safely, efficiently and economically.

Emerson’s ‘project certainty’ approach helps ensure clients’ projects are delivered on-time and on-budget. The company’s innovative technologies are designed to facilitate reliable operation once online to confirm that production targets are met, in addition to reducing operating costs and safety risks.

Continuous monitoring instruments for oil and gas projects

Emerson’s innovative subsea technologies help optimise production and maximise reservoir performance throughout the entire field life, and have been specially optimised for deployment in the most extreme offshore environments.

Our durable and highly accurate subsea instrumentation is intended to enhance the reliability of users’ processes, while improving production rates and reduce flow assurance issues.

Emerson’s technologies provide precise flow, pressure and temperature readings for industrial oil, gas and water plants, as well as being the preferred choice for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Our unique systems can also provide real-time quantitative sand monitoring data for specialist applications.

Reservoir management and artificial lift software for petrochemical sites

Emerson supplies a comprehensive suite of reservoir management software systems that have been specially developed to help users with a range of operational considerations throughout the project lifecycle, including drilling locations, production strategies and recovery optimisation methods.

Our versatile Roxar RMS™, Tempest™, METTE™ and Big Loop™ solutions provide valuable assistance across a variety of project planning applications such as reservoir geophysics, geology and engineering. They are equipped with powerful simulation well planning, production monitoring and modelling features, making them the ideal solution for an all-inclusive array of marine activities.

Additionally, Emerson’s easy-to-configure artificial lift software is able to dynamically respond to constraints and changing well production compositions to enable operators to maximise their production rates in real-time. We also provide integrated well testing solutions, which accurately identify operational and performance issues earlier in order to minimise maintenance requirements and mitigate safety incidents.

Our advanced software systems place an emphasis on effective uncertainty management in order to ensure users achieve consistently reliable results and improved RoI.

Advanced separation systems for increased efficiency in offshore operations

Emerson’s separation solutions provide users with the accurate measurement data needed to make more informed operational decisions, which allows customers to reduce their maintenance requirements, while offering greater control and increasing overall efficiency.

Our varied portfolio of technologies includes powerful supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, as well as a range of units designed to provide meticulous measurement and control of the product’s current flow, level and pressure to reliably characterise reservoir performance.

Non-intrusive safety solutions for subsea platforms

Emerson provides an extensive line of systems intended to increase the safety of clients’ offshore processes, while reducing wastage and mitigating unwanted downtime during operation.

Our automated pressure sensors and relief valves have been carefully developed to ensure the safety of users’ compressed natural gas operations by efficiently recycling or diverting excess gas under high-pressure conditions.

We also supply innovative, non-intrusive corrosion and erosion monitoring technologies that deliver real-time data regarding the integrity of clients’ equipment in order to support smarter decision-making and optimise the effectiveness of maintenance works.

Furthermore, Emerson’s powerful ultrasonic gas detectors have been proven to improve leak identification reliability in wellhead applications in order to safeguard personnel and equipment from exposure to potentially harmful substances and gases.

Custody transfer technology for the oil and gas sector

Emerson supplies an array of technologies that are able to precisely measure the custody transfer rate of hydrocarbons from seller to buyer.

Our Smart Meter Verification (SMV) and dual-configuration ultrasonic monitoring units facilitate easy verification of flow meter performance and minimising measurement uncertainty, while simultaneously optimising operational uptime and contributing to more cost-efficient processes.

Emerson also offers personalised lifecycle care services for its process optimisation products in order to ensure consistently high accuracy and long service-life.

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Press Release

Emerson Adds Connectivity to Asset Performance Platform, Plantweb Optics

Emerson announced new connections for Plantweb Optics, the asset performance platform for the Plantweb™ digital ecosystem, that will help organisations take the next step in their digital transformation to a more efficient, reliable operation.

White Papers

Ultrasonic Devices Improve Gas Leak Detection in Challenging Environments

Given the wide variety of potential gas leak sources, the development of ultrasonic gas detectors for wellhead applications is an important step in providing effective, efficient coverage, on top of traditional gas detection solutions for challenging environements.

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Kashagan Offshore Oil Field

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The Valhall field was discovered in 1975 and came online in 1982. It is operated by BP, which holds a 35.95% interest, while the remaining 64.05% interest is held by Hess Norge.

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Jasmine Gas Field Project, North Sea, United Kingdom

The Jasmine field is situated in blocks 30/6 and 30/7a of the central North Sea. The gas and condensate field lies at a water depth of 266ft and is considered to be the UK's largest discovery since the mid-1990s.

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Bonga Deepwater Project, Niger Delta

Bonga is the first deepwater project for the Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company (SNEPCO) and for Nigeria.

10 July 2001

Kizomba Offshore Field Deepwater Project

Kizomba field lies in block 15 offshore Angola, marking one of the first tranches of deepwater acreage offered by the Angolan Government.

9 July 2001

Kristin Deepwater Project

The Kristin field is located in the south-west part of the Halten Bank in the Norwegian Sea.

Oseberg Sør Oil and Gas Field Project

The Oseberg Sør field was discovered in 1984, when Norsk Hydro drilled well 30/9-3.

13 November 2000

Snorre Oil and Gas Field Project

The Snorre field lies in blocks 34 / 4 and 34 / 7, approximately 200km west of Floro in the Norwegian North Sea.

6 June 2000

Sakhalin Energy Oil and Gas Field Project

Sakhalin I consists of the development of the Odoptu field (oil and gas, discovered in 1977) and the Chayvo field (mainly gas, discovered in 1979).

19 May 2000

Petro-Canada oilfield project

The Terra Nova field is located 350km east-south-east (ESE) of St John's Newfoundland and 35km south-east of Hibernia.

17 May 2000

Kerr-McGee Corporation oilfield project

The Janice oilfield is located in the first-round block 30/17a, licence number P032, in the Central North Sea.

16 May 2000

Jotun Oil and Gas Field Project

The Jotun field is located on the Utsira High, between the Balder and Heimdal fields, approximately 200km west of Stavanger, Norway.

Statoil Oil and Gas Field Project

Siri is located in block 5604 / 20 in the north-western part of the Danish sector of the North Sea, about 220km from the coast.

Triton Oil Field, North Sea Central

The three Triton fields lie in the North Sea, 190km east of Aberdeen.

Troll West Oil and Gas Field Project

Troll is primarily a gas field, one of the biggest in the North Sea, holding 60% of Norway’s gas reserves.

Visund Oil Field Project, North Sea Northern

Visund was developed using a semi-submersible steel drilling, production and quarters platform, connected to a subsea completion system.

Alba Phase II, North Sea Northern Project

Alba is located in block 16 / 26, 130 miles north-east of Aberdeen. The field lies in a water depth of approximately 138

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Åsgard North Sea Northern, Statoil oilfield project

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Balder Oil and Gas Field Project, Norway

Balder is located in blocks 25 / 10 and 25 / 11, 165km west of Haugesund, in a water depth of 125m. The field was discovered in 1967, but it was only during the appraisal drilling in 1974 that the major part of the field was discovered.

Conoco and Chevron gas field project

The Britannia field, discovered in the mid 1970s, is the first in the UK sector of the North Sea to be operated jointly

Bruce Phase II North Sea Northern

The Bruce field was originally developed under phase I, using two bridge-linked platforms, both connected to the main 32in Frigg trunkline by a 6km, 32in-diameter gas-export pipeline taking gas to the St Fergus Terminal.

Texaco oil and gas field project

Captain has undergone a huge Phase II expansion which has increased the 60,000 barrels per day rate to an average platea

Total Oil Marine Oil and Gas Field Project

In late 1999, a Poseidon multiphase pump was installed on the Dunbar field, as the final part of Dunbar Phase 2. This wi

Girassol FPSO, Luanda

Girassol is located about 210km north-northwest of Luanda, Angola. It lies in 1,350m of water and has been developed using a subsea facility tied back to an FPSO.

Gullfaks oil field project, North Sea Northern

Gullfaks South, Rimfaks and Gullveig lie in block 34 / 10, in a water depth of 135m. The Gullfaks Satellites produces ar

Statoil and BP oilfield project

The Shah Deniz oilfield lies between Mobil's Oquz, Chevron's Asheron and Exxon's Nakhchiuan fields. Its name is transla

Press Release

12 October 2018

Connected Emerson, AspenTech simulation software increases digital investment value by enabling more capital-efficient digital twin technology for use across operations lifecycle.

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10 October 2018

Emerson announced new connections for Plantweb Optics, the asset performance platform for the Plantweb™ digital ecosystem, that will help organisations take the next step in their digital transformation to a more efficient, reliable operation.

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8 October 2018

Emerson announced a Digital Transformation Roadmap with consulting and implementation services to help companies develop and execute a tailored digital transformation plan to reach top-quartile performance.

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3 October 2018

Emerson announced a new Engineered Solutions Provider programme designed to help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) optimise automation and instrumentation to improve the reliability and performance of the modular process systems they design and manufacture, often referred to as skids.

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31 August 2018

Emerson has announced the iOps Workspace Solution, a new operator workspace that reduces human error and creates an ideal operating environment.

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23 August 2018

The solution integrates inputs from across control and enterprise networks into a single workspace.

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21 June 2018

UK-based offshore engineering specialist Emerson is pleased to announce the launch of its new Rosemount™ Twisted Square™ range of Thermowell systems, which have been specially designed to significantly reduce dynamic stress and offer increased precision during temperature measurements.

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9 May 2018

Global industrial technology specialist Emerson is pleased to announce the introduction of the latest update to the company’s innovative reservoir simulation and management system for the marine sector, Roxar Tempest™ 8.2.

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4 May 2018

A recent research project conducted by Emerson in collaboration with industry partners has revealed that petrochemical firms could potentially reach top-quartile performance by incorporating the latest processes and automation systems, indicating an increased profit potential of up to $7bn per year.

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28 March 2018

Emerson is pleased to announce that the company has signed a multi-year agreement with Repsol for the delivery of its innovative Paradigm® Exploration & Production (E&P) software solution.

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6 June 2013

This registration entitles Groveley to provide the GDU-Incus to PDO installations within Oman and has been issued following a successful product evaluation lasting nearly one year.

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10 July 2011

The GDU-Incus ultrasonic gas leak detector has been granted SIL 2 certification to add to its growing collection of approvals. Already IECEx approved for use in hazardous areas, the GDU-Incus is ATEX certified to Ex d ib IIB+H2 T4. Manufacturer, Groveley Detection, has over 20 years' ex

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26 June 2011

Specialist engineers at Groveley Detection have provided a solution for monitoring flammable gas ingress into some larger than average HVAC ducts for Centrica. A survey was commissioned for the Central Platform on the South Morecambe Bay Field to ascertain the best way to monitor HVAC

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17 May 2011

Fire and gas detection experts Groveley Detection have supplied three custom-made aspirators to SEC based in Norway. The single and dual-channel aspirators were fitted with H2S detectors and will be used on Statoil's Statfjord B platform. Statfjord is one of the oldest producing fields

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