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Pipe and Fitting Supply for the Offshore and Marine Industries

601 Mid-Florida Drive, Lakeland, FL 30081, United States of America

PM International Suppliers is a supplier of pipe and fittings, tubing, valves, flanges, bars, sheet and forgings with numerous worldwide sources for limitless applications. We specialise in providing products in exotic materials such as duplex, super duplex, 6% molybdenum stainless-steels, 6MOLY, titanium, copper nickel and nickel alloys.

The industries we serve include the offshore petrochemical segment, geothermal, chemical manufacturing, aerospace, desalination, power plants, water treatment facilities and more. Our customers are worldwide, and we handle everything from one-off emergency deliveries to complex, long-ranging project installations.

Some of our project deliveries include BP, CalEnergy, Chevron, Doosan, Esso, ExxonMobile, Mosaic and Eurogas.

Valve supplier offshore, marine and industrial industries

With over 40 years in the industry, our technical expertise and extensive success with difficult project specifications sets us a cut above the rest. This technical expertise combined with our commitment to customer service makes PM International Suppliers your number one choice to supply your pipe, fittings and valves. Our customers are assured that their critical projects are in the hands of the best in the industry.

While there are many suppliers in the industry, what sets PM apart is the manner in which it shares its expertise, not only with customers but also manufacturers. We see ourselves as a connector between production and utilisation, with the philosophy that shared knowledge is shared success for all parties involved.

In fact, PM’s level of expertise has encouraged customers to hire PM to specify product requirements, identify and inspect mills, and monitor the process from RFQ development to final delivery and, indeed, post-delivery activities. In this capacity, PM was an intricate partner in the procurement and order fulfilment of the largest ever installation of super duplex 2507 in North America.

PM has also provided technical assistance to manufacturers as they seek approval to various standards and on the customer-side, has lent its expertise in setting up logistic programs for product delivery, inventory and handling.

Project management services

In our project management, our goal is always to be flexible and responsive to the unforeseen. We are experts in dealing with multiple locations, manufacturers, shippers, and delivery schedules. Our knowledge of the various standards and testing procedures is unparalleled.

When a product is delivered to projects, PM provides unique and comprehensive documentation in the form of printed and electronic files that include all details of the delivery including MTRs and traceability.

Global fittings supply

ISO 9000 certified, PM has offices in Florida and Houston, US; the UK and Norway. We have positioned ourselves globally this way as we understand today’s need to provide international services at a local level.

Our offices, while addressing individual country needs, enjoy a central network of intelligence. Extensive global sources of manufacturers, distributors and logistics solutions enable us to provide competitive prices for quality products, short lead times and superior technical support. We understand the need for excellent service, and we are well-versed in meeting critical needs and short delivery times.

Our philosophy is to surpass your expectations and provide you with a service level above anything you have experienced elsewhere. Our belief is that your success is our success and that together we can partner for mutual achievement.

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