There are still gaps within the industry on how best to manage HPHT reservoirs in the long term, as well as have a robust understanding of well integrity, not just at the casing wall, but also within the subsurface. This workshop focuses on how technologies have come together and jointly contributed to improved safety and efficiency in drilling, evaluation and completion of these challenging wells. The next step; safe long-term development and management of HPHT reservoirs and wells, requires further understanding of flow assurance and geomechanics.

With the opportunity of in-depth discussions and sharing of proven as well as evolving technologies, this workshop aims to furnish the participants with knowledge and tools to enhance their ability to successfully plan, engineer and execute the drilling and completion of their HPHT wells.


This workshop will provide a platform for E&P industry practitioners of various disciplines, service providers and regulators to discuss and share concerns and experiences with respect to emerging issues, good practices and learning from incidents and failures.


The workshop is meant for experienced individuals who will share their own case histories and experiences and will actively contribute to the discussions. We expect participation from asset managers, experts and decision makers involved in drilling and completions, well control, OCTG, oilwell cement, MWD/LWD/E-Log, geomechanics and pore pressure prediction, well design verification, wellhead design, well testing and subsea systems.