The oil and gas industry is at the threshold of a challenging, yet exciting future. An ever-growing energy demand, accompanied by the depletion of available resources poses a complicated energy puzzle before the industry, which has to be addressed by the leaders of tomorrow. Interactions with oil and gas experts will therefore make Young Professionals (YPs) aware of their roles in the formulation of an effective energy solution focusing on energy security and sufficiency.

This workshop, with its theme ‘The Future is NOW’, aims to provide a platform for effective interactions between exuberant young people and the experienced leaders of the oil and gas industry, ensuring the baton of leadership can be passed on to the next generation.

Technical sessions include:

• Understanding the Oil and Gas Business: Geopolitics, Pricing, and The Way Forward

• Going the Extra Barrel

• Early Career Challenges

• Mergers and Acquisitions: Mutually Beneficial Alliances

• Even Smarter Oil and Gas Fields

• Entrepreneurship Driving Innovative Businesses and Approaches

• Fundamentals of Management

• Till the Last Barrel

• Advancing Leaders for the Future

The purpose of the workshop is to engage future leaders in a two-way discourse with the veterans of the industry allowing YPs to discover the tricks of confronting future challenges. Knowledge-sharing can help in developing solutions to satisfy a growing energy demand in a more efficient, safe and environmentally-responsible manner. This workshop is an endeavour to create a reliable bench-strength of qualified and diligent individuals ready to take up leadership roles in the future.