Four of ASME’s major conferences (ASME Power Conference, ASME Energy Sustainability Conference, ASME Fuel Cell Conference, and ASME Nuclear Forum) come together to create an event of major impact for the Power and Energy sectors: ASME Power & Energy Conference & Expo.

This year’s event examines the technology and regulatory trends impacting energy production, supply, and delivery, focusing also on power plant operations and advanced research.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need to join us in San Diego:

1. Value: 5 Days, 4 Conferences, Keynote Presentations, Technical and Panel Sessions, Technical Workshops and 100+ guaranteed actionable takeaways

2. Our program was developed in tandem with world-class energy leaders on our Executive Advisory Committee

3. Unlike other conferences, ASME 2015 Power & Energy concentrates on a broad range of “Energy Solutions for a Sustainable Future” including power, nuclear, renewables and diverse portfolios.

4. From plant operations & maintenance, smart grids, solar heating & cooling, high & low temperature fuel cells, advanced and small modular reactors AND SO MUCH MORE – you will learn from the experts at Power & Energy!

5. Interact with vendors at the expo and view the latest equipment and technology on the market.