The cultural development of the Indian subcontinent has long been tied to a profound reverence for the environment, with the religious teachings of Jainism, Hinduism and Buddhism all stressing man’s inherent connection to, and dependence on, the natural world.

Despite this, India is today the world’s third largest emitter of polluting greenhouse gases with important decisions for its policy leaders to make in the years ahead.

At a pivotal cross-road in the country’s development, this unique panel discussion will investigate India’s environmental trajectory in reference to its past, present and future; prompting fresh debate, opinions and perspectives on this pressing global issue. 


Satish Kumar – Former Jain monk, Editor of Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine and Founder of Schumacher College.

Gopal Patel – Project Manager of ‘The Bhumi Project’, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

Jairam Ramesh – Economist, Politician and Former Minister of State at the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests (Participation via video-feed).


Mukulika Banerjee, Director, LSE South Asia Centre and Associate Professor at the London School of Economics.

* This event is programmed in collaboration with the LSE South Asia Centre.