• The Global Energy Challenge

    Concern about energy is legitimate, but ultimately unfounded. Jeroen van der Veer, chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell, believes that the industry is more than capable of rising to the...

  • Tapping the Riches of the Santos Basin

    Brazil hopes to ease its dependency on foreign gas by developing the full potential of the Santos Basin. Jim Banks reports on the investment and development process.

  • Relieving the Pressure

    Statoil is conducting wide-ranging research into improving oil recovery and well stability. Thor Bensvik, drilling and well operations manager for the Snøhvit project at Statoil, explains how this can improve...

  • Finding a New Route

    BP's Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan Pipeline is transporting one million barrels of oil a day across 1,768km. BP explains how it is achieving this without harming the local communities or the...

  • Evolve or Die

    The future of oil recovery lies in accessing increasingly complicated reserves. Phin Foster finds that one project involves the revolutionary application of standard technology to install the first commercial seabed...

  • Explosive Development

    The oil and gas industry is unlikely to face problems with the EU's ATEX directive on explosive environments. The directive is simply harmonising standards that the industry already practises, writes...

  • Global Energy Security

    The only way to secure energy supplies in the future is by developing a new framework for cooperation. Peter J Robertson, vice chairman of the board of the Chevron Corporation,...

  • The Meaning of Safety

    Total's Jean-Marc Jaubert looks at what safety means for the firm and how the strategy is permeating all business areas.

  • LNG and the Dash for Gas

    Rising demand is turning liquefied natural gas into an increasingly strategic concern. Will Ollard looks at the key reserves, and their accessibility to the principal markets.

  • Lower Costs and Higher Yields in Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan is a key strategic producer of oil and has an influx of foreign companies bidding to develop its reserves. World Expro looks at the recent announcements of David Woodward,...


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