• Top ten companies by oil production

    Oil and gas plays a hugely important role in the economies of many countries around the world, which has led to oil and gas companies growing and becoming more influential....

  • April’s top news stories

    Occidental Petroleum proposes to acquire Anadarko Petroleum for $57bn, Chevron acquires all of the outstanding shares of Anadarko for $50bn. wraps up the key headlines from April 2019.

  • Top ten countries by oil production

    Offshore oil is a global industry, but what countries produce the most oil? Offshore Technology looks at the top ten countries by oil production.

  • Venezuela: a petrostate in peril

    As humanitarian turmoil and political tensions continue to rise in Venezuela, the country’s economic lifeline, its oil industry, is in near tatters, strangled by US sanctions and embroiled in a...

  • March’s top news stories

    Murphy Oil agrees to sell Malaysian portfolio for $2.13bn, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signs bill banning offshore drilling into law to open 90% of US waters to new oil and...


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