• LNG and the Dash for Gas

    Rising demand is turning liquefied natural gas into an increasingly strategic concern. Will Ollard looks at the key reserves, and their accessibility to the principal markets.

  • Lower Costs and Higher Yields in Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan is a key strategic producer of oil and has an influx of foreign companies bidding to develop its reserves. World Expro looks at the recent announcements of David Woodward,...

  • An FPSO for the Faroes

    The Faroese continental shelf is of increasing interest as technology allows production in deeper waters. Development of the Chestnut field has been facilitated by an innovative approach to floating production,...

  • Making Every Drop Count

    Mature fields, and those with low production, are once again becoming strategic for Petrobras. World Expro examines the reasoning and the technology behind this strategic decision.

  • Traffic Jams

    The world economy continues to rely on oil, so sea freight and pipelines maintain their vital importance to supply. However, geography dictates that the flow of traffic is not as...

  • Thunder Horse Back on Course

    In July 2005, a dramatic sequence of events in the Gulf of Mexico threatened BP's Thunder Horse platform. Hugh Kidwell reports on the rescue of the structure.

  • Robust Rig Design

    When Hurricane Ivan hit the Gulf of Mexico it caused massive disruptions to the production of oil and gas. World Expro asks Frank Glaviano of EP Americas and Chuck Schoenagel...

  • Russian Tragedy

    Steven M Theede, CEO of the Yukos oil company, relates how the company fell foul of the Russian authorities. He describes how the company is attempting to rebuild itself.