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In a crowded market, it remains essential to standout from competitors in ever more creative and penetrating ways. Our depth of knowledge across a multitude of industries allows us to understand exactly what is required to ensure your products and services not only reach your target audience but remain at the front of their mind.

With specialism in video and interactive content creation, we will take your raw content and transform it into collateral that will separate you from your rivals, giving you the tools and leverage to deliver key business information that cannot be ignored.

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Original Lebus wire rope spooling technology.

This free brochure provides an introduction to the Lebus system for spooling multiple layers of wire rope on a winch drum. The original Lebus counterbalanced parallel groove system maximise the working life of wire rope by keeping it always under perfect control. It is used for successfully managing wire ropes of lengths up to 10km in as many as 40 layers. When it comes to making wire rope go further, no one can match Lebus.

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