Lukoil Oil operates the Melili refinery, which is located in Sicily, Italy. It is an integrated refinery owned by Lukoil Oil. The refinery, which started operations in 2006, has an NCI of 10.6.

Key processes of the refinery

Crude Distillation Unit (mbd): 281
Vacuum Distillation (mbd): 121
Catalytic Cracker (mbd): 38
Hydrocracker (mbd): 90
Reformer (mbd): 41
Hydrotreater (mbd): 227
Alkylation (mbd): 5
Isomerization (mbd): 18

The capacity of the refinery is expected to remain the same as 281.2mbd by 2030.

During the period 2021-2025, the Melili refinery is expected to witness an estimated capex of $64m.

Maintenance activities at Melili refinery

The Melili refinery witnessed four incidents during the period 2015-2020.

Upcoming expansion project at Melili refinery

Diesel Hydrotreater

About Lukoil Oil

Lukoil Oil Co (Lukoil) is an oil and gas company, which carries out exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. Lukoil has interest in properties across Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, the Middle East, South America, Northern and Western Africa and South-East Asia. The company also carries out refining and transport operations, marketing and trading of crude oil, natural gas and refined products. It operates a network of refineries in Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy. The company also has interest in the Zeeland refinery in the Netherlands. Lukoil also plays a major role in petrochemical sector through plants in Russia, Bulgaria and Italy. Lukoil also undertakes power generation through companies in Bulgaria, Russia and Romania. The company markets its products through direct retail and export operations. Lukoil is headquartered in Moscow, Russia.


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