Pikka Unit (Nanushuk) is a conventional oil development located onshore the US and is operated by Oil Search. Discovered in 2013, Pikka Unit (Nanushuk) lies in block ADL 391451, ADL 391460, ADL 393010, ADL 393015, ADL 391320, ADL 391392, ADL 391445, ADL 391566, ADL 393002, ADL 393018, ADL 393019, ADL 391387, ADL 391391, ADL 391450, ADL 391461, ADL 393001, ADL 393023, ADL 391013, ADL 391388, ADL 391453, ADL 392999, ADL 393000, ADL 393013, ADL 391457, ADL 393012, ADL 391459, ADL 393006, ADL 393016, ADL 391393, ADL 393004, ADL 393027, ADL 393028, ADL 391022, ADL 391303, ADL 391454, ADL 392998, ADL 393011, ADL 393009, ADL 393022, ADL 391395, ADL 391455, ADL 391553, ADL 392112, ADL 392257, ADL 393021, ADL 391456, ADL 392111, ADL 393020, ADL 391396, ADL 391458, ADL 392258, ADL 393005, ADL 393007, ADL 393024, ADL 391449, ADL 393008, ADL 391322, ADL 391394, ADL 393026, ADL 393029, ADL 393003, ADL 393017, ADL 391452, ADL 393014, and ADL 393025.

The project is currently in approval stage and is expected to start commercial production in 2025. Final investment decision (FID) of the project will be approved in 2022. The development cost is expected to be $3,000 m. The Pikka Unit (Nanushuk) conventional oil development will involve the drilling of approximately 43 wells.

Field participation details

The field is owned by Santos and Repsol.

Production from Pikka Unit (Nanushuk)

Production from the Pikka Unit (Nanushuk) conventional oil development project is expected to begin in 2025 and is forecast to peak in 2029, to approximately 1,20,956 bpd of crude oil and condensate. Based on economic assumptions, the production will continue until the field reaches its economic limit in 2055.

Remaining recoverable reserves

The field is expected to recover 501.94 Mmboe, comprised of 501.94 Mmbbl of crude oil & condensate.

About Oil Search

Oil Search Ltd (Oil Search) is an independent upstream energy company. It explores for, develops and produces oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL). The company’s majority oil and gas assets are concentrated in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and operates all the producing oil fields in the country. Oil Search holds appraisal and exploration portfolio across PNG and has interest in PNG LNG Project. The company also owns interests in major undeveloped gas fields, including the Elk-Antelope fields in PRL 15, and in P’nyang in PRL 3. It also owns oil interests in the Alaska North Slope in the US. Oil Search is headquartered in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.


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