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Established in 1993, PDC Systems is one of the leading providers of hazardous area systems, solutions and equipment, manufactured to clients’ in-house design and specifications or as turnkey projects to meet project-specific requirements. Our philosophy encourages the advice and input of other professional advisors. This involvement ensures that all aspects of your project, electrical and instrumentation design, and certification are considered during planning, manufacture and implementation.

Combined pressurisation, fire and gas control, and monitoring technology

PDC Systems is a specialist consultant for combined pressurisation, fire and gas control panels, fire and gas repeater alarm control panels, monitoring systems, PLC systems, MCC control systems, motor control systems, control desk systems, HVAC panels, machinery, safety control systems, control and monitoring technology, programmable safety systems and safe bus system operator terminals.

Hazardous onshore and offshore project support

PDC Systems has been closely involved with the petrochemical industry both in the UK and overseas for many years, and is familiar with the problems associated with offshore and onshore hazardous areas. PDC Systems can provide authoritative technical and design facilities, complemented with "hands-on" assistance throughout all phases of a project.

Hazardous project management and installation

PDC Systems provides project management and installation from its own premises, allowing clients without their own in-house specialist engineering departments the opportunity to undertake complex electrical and instrumentation systems design. This can be installed within PDC Systems’ premises, offshore, or at the client’s own premises.

Gas detection systems

PDC Systems provides a gas detection system with two levels of gas detection. A low level of gas initiates a local audible alarm in the detection system. Local visual indication is indicated on the LED display and can transmit an alarm signal to the installation control room via volt-free contacts. The initiation of the gas alarm is activated should the installation philosophy require such an alarm on detection of low-level gas.

High-level gas detection initiates a signal to shutdown cabins, including non-certified supplies, ventilation, fans and fire dampers. The detection is indicated on the LED display with the facility for transmitting an alarm signal to the installation control room via volt free contacts. When it initiates, the installation of the main gas alarm shutdown procedure is followed.

Ventilation control systems

PDC Systems’ combined pressurisation, fire and gas control system has the functionality to initiate an output for alarm on loss of pressurisation or loss of flow with a confirmed signal. With sustained loss of pressure or loss of flow, the control system initiates outputs to shutdown cabins, including the tripping of non-certified supplies, ventilation supply fans and the closure of ventilation fire dampers. The control system remains available during the shutdown.

The ventilation control system is available with pressure monitoring devices, local differential pressure indicators and alarm sounder options. The purge cycle is included and non-certified supplies cannot be energised until the full cycle is complete. Furthermore, energisation is inhibited if there are any standing alarms or faults on the fire and gas system.

Hazardous area push-button stations

The new 800G hazardous area push-button components from PDC Systems are modern in design and compliment the existing Allen-Bradley line of push buttons. They can be ordered as complete factory assembled stations or as separate components.

The push-button components for hazardous areas are interchangeable between base and panel-mount devices, thus reducing inventory. This new line also provides a lower installation cost option through the flexibility of using cable. The pre-assembled enclosures, along with standard components, are designed to meet worldwide hazardous locations' requirements. They are dual rated for Zone 1, Zone 2, and for class 1, division 2.

Traditional and leading-edge hazardous area equipment

PDC Systems has been involved in supplying traditional as well as cutting-edge technology solutions over the years, to ensure clients retain their market share either in cost reduction or technological advantages.

Working as agents and consultants to the leading manufacturers of hazardous area equipment allows our clients the additional knowledge that the level of expertise is also backed by the research and development of companies such as Ceag, Nortem, Pepperl+Fuchs and Rockwell Automation.

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PDC Systems: Global Solutions 19 January 2015 Established in 1993, PDC Systems is one of the leading providers of hazardous area systems, the original design and manufacture of combined pressurisation fire and gas control panels (CPFG), solutions and equipment, manufactured to clients in-house design and specifications or as turnkey projects to meet clients project-specific requirements.