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SAL Offshore supplies dynamic positioning (DP) installation solutions to clients in the offshore and renewables industries worldwide.

Installation services for offshore platforms

SAL Offshore performs a variety of logistics operations for the oil and gas industry.

These include the transportation and installation of:

  • Shallow and deep water subsea structures such as manifolds, templates and subsea processing units
  • Subsea current and wave turbines
  • Midwater arches
  • Jumpers and spools
  • Windmill components, including wind turbine generators (WTGs), monopiles and transition pieces
  • Mooring systems for floating installations, including:
    • Floating production storage and offloading (FPSOs) vessels
    • Floating liquefied natural gas (FLNGs) vessels
    • Tension leg platforms (TLPs)
    • Spar platforms

DP lifting vessels for transportation applications

SAL Offshore has access to two dynamically positioned heavy lift vessels from which it can undertake transportation and installation projects. These are the type-183 vessels MV Svenja (currently DP Class 1 but soon to be upgraded to DP Class 2) and MV Lone (already DP Class 2).

In addition to DP capability, both MV Svenja and MV Lone boast impressive 20 knot transit speeds, almost 3,500m² of uncluttered main deck and two cranes, each capable of lifting 1,000t.

Protection cover installations and pipeline end manifold deployment

The first offshore installation project undertaken by SAL Offshore required the MV Lone to load two structures, transport them to the field and deploy them to the seabed. The first was an 80t protection cover and the second a pipeline end manifold (PLEM) weighing 120t.

Customised offshore engineering solutions

The SAL Offshore in-house engineering department develops customised solutions for all DP installations and closely supervises all projects from the planning stage through to successful completion, whilst working with SAL's highly skilled crews.

To accommodate the individual needs of its clients, SAL Offshore calls on the in-house engineering division of SAL Heavy Lift for solutions to offshore projects.

These include:

  • Technical design and evaluation of deployment solutions
  • Optimum deck layout design
  • Lashing design
  • Motion and hydrodynamic analysis

HSEQ-certified vessels

SAL Heavy Lift and SAL Offshore are committed to maintaining the highest standards in respect to health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ).

As part of this commitment, all SAL vessels, including those attached to SAL Offshore, are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. All vessels also carry an environmental passport confirming compliance with these and other stringent HSEQ standards.

About SAL Offshore

In 2012, SAL Heavy Lift created a dedicated offshore division based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with the aim of offering offshore installation solutions to both the oil and gas industry and the wind energy sector.

The firms of the SAL Heavy Lift Group have 160 employees working at various onshore offices, in addition to 550 crew members on their vessels, who collaborate closely to provide innovative heavy lift and offshore solutions.

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