Non-Welded Piping Systems, Products and Services

GS-Hydro is the original provider of non-welded piping products, projects and services. The company operates globally in more than 25 countries through its own subsidiaries and partners. GS-Hydro supplies complete piping systems with engineering, products, prefabrication, services and documentation.

With over 30 years of experience and thousands of installations in the rugged conditions of the North Sea and other areas in the world, the GS piping system has demonstrated its benefits for customers around the world.

Complete piping systems for the offshore industry

The original GS piping system consists of three flange systems, which allow piping systems with working pressures from 10bar to 690bar and pipe diameters between 16mm and 608mm to be assembled without welding. The retain ring and 37° flare flange systems are used for high-pressure and intermediate connections and the 90° flare flange connection for low-pressure applications.

Pipe system fittings, hoses and hose couplings

In addition to the original GS-Hydro products, the company offers a wide selection of fittings, hoses and hose couplings. A complete product and service offering gives GS-Hydro a great position in the market, serving different kinds of offshore or marine customers and their unique needs.

Quality of operations, products and customer solutions are critical business factors for GS-Hydro. The company only manufactures, sources and delivers components and materials that have all the relevant certificates needed for different customer segments. In project sales, the company's quality management system covers projects and services for piping system implementations.

Offshore piping system engineering services

GS-Hydro can also provide engineering services. The company can work together with a customer's engineering services or use 3D models provided by the customer to develop detailed spool drawings. The earlier GS-Hydro starts working with a client, the easier it is for the customer to achieve their business goals - a reliable high-pressure piping system for their offshore needs.

Offshore pipes, flanges, fittings, hoses, couplings, seals and clamps

All of our pipes, flanges, fittings, hoses, hose couplings, seals and clamps are high-quality products with all the relevant certificates. GS-Hydro's wide product offering enables its customers to choose the ideal solution for different needs. We offer stainless-steel materials and different alloys that can be galvanised or have painted coatings, to mention a few.

Prefabrication services

Using prefabrication helps to reduce the amount of on-site work and thus reduces cost and minimises hassle on a customer site.

Non-welded piping services for the offshore industry

GS-Hydro has over 30 years' experience of offering non-welded piping solutions for offshore customers globally. Over that period of time we have gained extensive experience working with this very special customer segment. GS-Hydro is continuously and actively seeking opportunities on how to better serve offshore customers across the globe.

Piping system documentation

Piping system maintenance is important to clients, and good system documentation is a cornerstone when lifetime service is considered. For example GS-Hydro provides systems design drawings, spool drawings, material lists and test reports. This is the typical documentation package provided to a customer in conjunction with piping system delivery.

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