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Andrew Tunnicliffe

Egyptian exploration: can a desert be green?

As the Egyptian economy continues to grow at speed, so too does the country’s appeal to foreign investors in oil and gas.

Supply and demand: the challenges winter will bring

Winter is set to be a challenging time, with spiking prices and limited supplies. We spoke with the US Energy Information Administration’s Chris Higginbotham about the challenges of navigating supply and demand as we enter a cold spell.

Sizing up – is automation coming to seismic surveys?

For the oil and gas industry, change has never before been made at such a pace. The sector is facing the energy transition, tightening margins, and unrelenting scrutiny of its environmental practices. Amidst all this, Blue Ocean Seismic Services is setting out to dramatically change seismic surveys through automation. We speak to the company to find out more.

How innovation is changing the role of the seep hunter

Seep hunting is a costly process that doesn’t guarantee success, so knowing which seeps are most likely to result in a major discovery is key. We talk with Ocean Infinity about how new technologies could reduce costs and improve the chances of success.

Cutting CO2 from Maersk’s offshore operations: a road worth travelling

The road to carbon neutrality is a long one, but one that must be travelled if the world is to face down the growing climate crisis. In the offshore oil and gas industry, we are beginning to see successes along with the ambition it has to go further. We talk with Maersk Drilling’s head of integrity and projects Caroline Alting about its industry-leading CO2 reduction targets and the wider future of fossil fuels.

In the air – how the oil and gas industry is taking on methane

You’d be forgiven for believing CO2 is the biggest threat to global climate security, but there are other greenhouse gasses that pose a similar, if not more present threat. We speak with the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers’ Wendy Brown about the industry’s role in cutting methane emissions in the face of recent critical studies.

Oilfield Helping Hands – how charity starts at home for the oil sector

Despite the headlines of a sector obsessed with self-interest, the oil industry has the capacity for compassion. We talk with Oilfield Helping Hands’ national president, Bill Markus, about the work it does to support industry colleagues.

Eye in the sky – the role of drones in oil spill management

Having eyes on the ground, quickly, is essential to any effective disaster management plan. Having them in the air, however, looks set the be the next big thing in the offshore oil and gas industry. We consider the critical role drones can play in the minutes and hours after an oil spill.

Mexican energy reform: what will it mean for international investment?

With the election of Andres Manuel López Obrador to presidential office, the question of whether his socialist policies will shut the door on international investment in oil and gas was raised. Whatever the answer, Mexico’s domestic sector readies itself to play a leading role, as Andrew Tunnicliffe finds out.

Bedlam in the Bight: what will Australia’s new government mean for offshore oil?

Not known for his sympathetic view on climate change, Australia’s new Prime Minister faces some tough decisions in light of his re-election, and right at the top of the energy agenda is what to do about controversial plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. Andrew Tunnicliffe finds out more.