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Spot focus on offshore safety: the human factor

The official consensus suggests that understanding human factors is the biggest challenge faced by offshore safety experts. In the run-up to Arena International’s Oil and Gas Technology Forum Elisabeth Fischer talks to Tim Southam, founder of consultancy PTP-Global, to find out just how much importance is placed on understanding human factors.

Going deep with offshore diving training

By winning a top offshore award, the Underwater Centre brought commercial dive training back to the industry. Elisabeth Fischer talks to Steve Ham, general manager at the UK centre, about the successes and struggles of training commercial divers and ROV pilots.

The cost of Deepwater Horizon: What next for BP?

Could a final report released by the US Government in September be the game-changer for BP’s legal defence? Elisabeth Fischer catches up on the latest development in the criminal investigation surrounding the biggest oil spill in US history.

Offshore technology – a space-age concept?

Adapting space technologies could be the key to simpler, greener, safer and more secure offshore operations. Elisabeth Fischer explores the similarities between the two sectors, which although very different at first glance, share crucial commonalities such as a harsh work environment and extremely remote operations.