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UK considering windfall tax on oil and gas companies as cost-of-living soars

The price of electricity, gas and other fuels within CPI measurement is already 69.6% higher than a year ago.

World’s largest carbon emitter China is not doing enough to achieve neutrality

The worldwide effort to limit global warming to only 1.5 degrees is heavily dependent on the speed at which China can reduce its emissions.

Lower oil prices have not translated to reduced petrol prices for UK consumers

Oil prices have fallen by $10, which, however, did not mean a fall in petrol prices for motorists according to Rac, and supermarkets have been criticised.

European energy crisis triggers need for political concessions towards gas supply

Russia has already tried to leverage the current energy crisis to achieve a quick regulatory approval of the Nord Stream II.

Gas prices rise as Nord Stream 2 suspension deals yet another blow to supply hopes

Germany has suspended certifying the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which adds further pressure due to supply issues and geopolitical considerations.

Shell to move headquarters to the UK to simplify operations

Shell is planning to relocate its headquarters from the Netherlands to the UK in a move that is said to simplify and strengthen its operations.

Calls for Russia to boost gas supply and solve energy crisis have been ignored

Natural gas firm Gazprom has failed to increase supply to Europe, causing concern that Russia is exploiting the supply crisis.