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Investor activism in oil and gas: read more in the new issue of Offshore Technology Focus

In this issue: we take a look at the OGTC’s top start-ups, ask how influencer activism works, talk to Fieldbit about how augmented reality can change offshore oil and gas, and more.

Bedlam in the Bight: read more in the new issue of Offshore Technology Focus

In this issue: what the recent election will mean for drilling in the Great Australian Bight, electrifying the subsea, the offshore plasma drill being used by NASA to look for life on Mars, and more.

BP’s Tamara Holmgren on women in oil and gas

Tamara Holmgren is BP’s projects and modifications manager for the eastern hemisphere, where she manages teams from Angola to Oman. She has been a passionate advocate of women in the oil and gas industry, being named the 2015 outstanding woman in oil and gas engineering by the European Women in Construction and Engineering awards. She spoke to Molly Lempriere about her career in oil and gas, and why more women should look for jobs in the industry.

End of an era: Norway’s sovereign wealth fund divests from oil and gas

With Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global’s cessation of investment into oil and gas exploration and production, came some questions for the sector and those countries reliant on a profitable industry. Andrew Tunnicliffe speaks with Tom Sanzillo and Erling Kvadsheim about the industry’s future.

Real-time environmental impact assessment: a powerful tool for FPSOs

Shell, together with ABS, SBM Offshore and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, is developing technology to gather real-time data to evaluate the impact of operations and environmental conditions of FPSOs. Molly Lempriere takes a look at how the technology could change the lifespans of platforms and protect their surroundings.

Talking rapid change and ‘grey’ lines in technology with BHGE

At this year’s BHGE annual event, Energy Forward: What The Future Demands, in Florence, Italy, BHGE vice president and CTO John Kerr sat down with us to explain how the company’s approach works, and why this is important for a changing industry.

Inside Balmoral’s new state of the art subsea facility

A brand-new, £20m subsea test centre has been launched in Aberdeen by offshore engineering specialists Balmoral. The company’s engineering and projects director, Fraser Milne, explains the challenges of constructing the centre and the possibilities it offers for Aberdeen.

Inside the first fully automated offshore platform

The world’s first fully automated oil and gas platform has been launched in the North Sea by Norwegian energy giant Equinor, previously known as Statoil. The Oseberg H cost £606m, and has no living quarters or even a toilet on it. Is this the future of the industry?

Oil giant Baker Hughes GE pledges zero emissions by 2050

At the 20th Annual Meeting, BHGE has announced that it will reduce its CO2 equivalent emission to net zero by 2050.

Delving into deepwater rig repair

The Greater Lafourche Port Commission (GLPC) has announced plans to develop the next generation of deepwater port facilities at Port Fourchon, Louisiana. How do you go about constructing such a port and what impact will it have on the surrounding area?