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Cyprus: tensions grow as contested waters yield promising results

Tensions over natural gas and oil deposits in the sea off Cyprus threatened to boil over this March after Turkey sent a drill ship to the contested region just days after US based ExxonMobil dispatched its own survey vessels. Turkish president Erdogan has gone so far as to say he won’t tolerate the reserves being exploited by Greek Cypriots. So what is at stake here and how likely is it that oil will begin flowing anytime soon? Patrick Kingsland finds out.

When is onshore really offshore?

Hilcorp has put forward the first plans for drilling in federal water in Alaska. Its Liberty project will involve the construction of a gravel island on which the six wells would be used for extraction. Hilcorp claims these islands are safe but environmentalists disagree. Patrick Kingsland explores the debate.

The (virtual) reality of training

Lloyd’s Register has developed a Virtual Reality (VR) Safety Simulator to help support training and knowledge transfer in the energy industry and illustrate the need for a continued focus on safety and risk assessment. Patrick Kingsland spoke to LR’s VP of Marketing and Communications, Peter Richards and Global Academy Training Manager, Luis De La Fuente, about how it works.

Automated drilling, a trend that keeps on churning

During the downturn, automation became a key theme in the offshore oil industry as companies looked to cut costs and reduce headcounts. As the price finally recovers will the industry start investing in tech again and if so, what will the next generation of rigs look like? Patrick Kingsland investigates.

La Guillotine falls on French oil exploration

The new French environment minister dropped a bombshell in June by announcing measures to end the development of shale oil and gas in France and its overseas territories. Does the proposal go far enough, can it be implemented and what does it say about the new French President, Emmanuel Macron? Patrick Kingsland asks Juliette Renaud, campaigner with Friends of the Earth France.

GE & Noble look to the Digital Rig to cut expenditure

General Electric and Noble Corporation recently announced a partnership to collaborate on a Digital Rig solution. The product will enable data-driven operational efficiency by using data analytics with the aim of reaching a 20% reduction in operational expenditure across all their rigs. Patrick Kingsland spoke to Andrew McKeran, marine executive at GE’s Marine Solutions.

Submerged offshore platforms: the race to the bottom

Different companies are developing competing systems to take the offshore oil and gas platform underwater, with a completely submerged concept that would transform platforms into unmanned, self-sufficient oil and gas extraction factories. The operational and safety benefits of the technology are clear, but how do these systems work, and who will be the first to make the breakthrough? Patrick Kingsland spoke to Siemens’ head of subsea power Bjørn Rasch to find out.