The oil and gas recovery process involves several treatment procedures to separate the recovered oil from water and other contaminants produced along with the oil. Offshore platforms and infrastructure use oily water separator systems to separate oil and gas, in addition to using other processing and industrial wastewater treatment systems.

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Uses of oily water separators in offshore operations

The offshore sector uses equipment such as an oily water separator to separate associated water and other components from the produced oil and gas. Hydrocyclones and porous membranes are the most used oily water separation equipment.

Hydrocyclones offer high processing capacity and require less space and maintenance but are not as efficient as porous membranes, which are more effective in separating oil and water.

Offshore oil filtration systems and process equipment

An oil filtration system, along with various types of filters such as hydraulic filters and ultraviolet treatment technologies, can help in removing the contaminants.

The separated oil and gas streams need to be processed further to remove dissolved water and other gases. Oil conditioners, vacuum distillation systems, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and coalescers are some of the equipment used for processing oil and gas.

Industrial wastewater treatment systems in offshore oil and gas operations

Oil and gas treatment procedures in addition to the facilities onboard offshore platforms and vessels produce effluents apart from black and grey wastewater that need to be treated before discharge. Some of the industrial wastewater treatment systems used in the offshore sector are:

  • Membrane bioreactors
  • Portable sewage treatment plants
  • Vacuum collection systems
  • Incinerators
  • Electrolytic wastewater treatment systems, and
  • Vapour compression distillation systems