Kuwait’s Central Agency for Public Tenders (CAPT) has extended the oil bid submission deadline for a contract for external works on Jurassic production facilities (JPF) in northern Kuwait.

The deadline has been extended from 11 August to 13 September, according to a statement.

Previously the bid deadline was 9 June.

The client on the project is the state-owned upstream operator Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), a subsidiary of the national oil company Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC).

The scope of the project, estimated to be worth $115m, includes:

  • Laying of flowlines
  • Installation of wellhead hook-ups
  • Installation of inlet manifolds
  • Construction of associated facilities

The contractors that have prequalified to bid on the contract include:

  • Mohammed Abdulmohsin al-Kharafi & Sons
  • Alghanim International General Trading & Contracting
  • Heavy Engineering Industries & Shipbuilding Company
  • Gulf Spic General Trading & Contracting Company
  • Integral Services Company
  • Consolidated Contractors
  • Arabi Enertech
  • Almeer Technical Services Company
  • Combined Group Contracting
  • Mechanical Engineering & Contracting Company
  • Al-Dar Engineering & Contracting

This project has seen extensive delays since the invitation to bid was first issued in June 2019 with a bid deadline of 1 September 2019.

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