Nigeria dominates the upcoming projects’ landscape in Africa, as shown in the graph above, and accounts for 23% of the total projects expected to begin operations by 2027.

Africa as a whole is expected to witness 492 projects commencing operations between 2023 and 2027.

Of these, upstream projects should total 139, midstream should be the highest with 162, refinery should total 77 and petrochemicals 144.

In the midstream sector, the trunk/transmission pipelines segment alone constitutes 34% of all projects, followed by oil storage and gas processing with 28% and 22% respectively. Refinery and petrochemical projects constitute 39% of all upcoming oil and gas projects in Africa between 2023 and 2027.

New build projects dominate the upcoming projects’ landscape in Africa, constituting 82% of the total across the value chain. The share of new build projects is especially high in the midstream sector, with 38% of the total new build projects. Expansion projects lead in the upstream (fields) sector.

Around 40% of projects in Africa are in the construction and commissioning stages, and these are more likely to commence operations during the outlook period. Another 40% of projects are in the planning stages, and the rest have either been approved or are awaiting approval.

Further details of oil and gas projects expected to start operations in Africa across the value chain can be found in GlobalData’s new report, Africa Oil and Gas Projects Analytics and Forecast by Project Type, Sector, Countries, Development Stage, Capacity and Cost, 2023-2027