The Shaybah NGL plant was commissioned in 2016. The facility is part of the Shaybah onshore oil field development situated in the kingdom’s Rub al-Khali desert.

The plant processes 2.4 billion cubic feet of associated gas a day from the Shaybah oil field, to produce large volumes of ethane as feedstock for other industries, and supplies gas for power cogeneration.

The dew point control system project aims to eliminate the formation of hydrates in the gas feed channelled into the facility.

Dew point control units are designed to inhibit the formation of solid hydrates in gas streams. By default, they perform a level of dehydration which is achieved via injection of a liquid hydrate inhibitor directly into the gas stream. Dew point control unit packages can be designed to use either Joule-Thomson expansion or refrigeration to provide the required degree of cooling.

The scope of EPC work on the project, according to MEED Projects, covers:

  • Installation of dew point control system
  • Construction of inlet facilities
  • Construction of dehydration facilities
  • Laying of inter-connecting pipelines
  • Construction of associated facilities

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