The total value of the awarded contracts is estimated to be about $200m.

Six contractors have been awarded well-testing contracts in Kuwait with a total estimated value of KD60m ($198m), according to industry sources.

The client on the contracts is state-owned upstream operator Kuwait Oil Company (KOC).

Contractors were informed of the contract awards on 18 January.

The contractors that have been awarded well-testing contracts are:

  • Gulf Drilling Maintenance Company (GDMC), Kuwait
  • SGS, Switzerland
  • Gas & Oil Fields Services Company (Gofsco), Kuwait
  • Spetco, Kuwait
  • Sahara Petroleum Services Company (Sapesco), Egypt
  • AlMansoori, UAE

The contract awarded to GDMC is estimated to be worth KD15m, the contract awarded to SGS is worth KD12.8m, the contract awarded to Gofsco is worth KD5m, and the contract awarded to Spetco is worth KD12.3m.

“The value of the contracts was generally related to the experience of the contractors,” said one industry source.

“This is the first time that Gofsco has been awarded a contract of this type in Kuwait, so the value of the contract awarded is lower compared to some of the other contract awards.”

Each contract is for a period of five years.

The companies that have been awarded contracts will provide KOC with mobile well-testing services that will cover the entire country’s oil fields.

Mobile well-testing units provided by the contractors will deliver data to KOC regarding the solution gas-oil ratio (GOR), as well as other parameters.

GOR is a general term for the amount of gas dissolved in the oil.

Heavy oils (lower API gravity) have lower capacity to contain dissolved gas than lighter oils.

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