Turkey-based construction engineering firm Tekfen Construction has won two sub-contracts for the main package of Qatar’s North Field East (NFE) onshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) scheme.

The consortium of Japanese company Chiyoda and France-based TechnipEnergies, the main contractors executing the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) works on the massive $13bn NFE onshore Package I, awarded Tekfen the sub-contracts.

The scope of works on the first sub-contract involves steel fabrication and has an estimated value of $368m, according to a source.

The second sub-contract involves the provision of general services for the second offsites facilities and is estimated to be $60m, the source said.

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Tekfen is understood to be at least the third sub-contractor that the Chiyoda/TechnipEnergies consortium has appointed for the NFE onshore Package I.

MEED recently reported that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) based Inco Group was awarded an estimated $40m sub-contract last month for services related to the building of storage tanks.

In July last year, the Chiyoda/Technip consortium awarded Greek/Lebanese contractor Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) an estimated $2.3bn contract to execute a significant share of work on the NFE onshore package 1.

CCC’s scope of work on the project covers assisting the Chiyoda/TechnipEnergies consortium in setting up the key process units that are necessary for building the four main LNG trains covered in NFE Package I. Each LNG train is planned to have an output capacity of about eight million tonnes a year (t/y).

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