Aluminium container

Apply Leirvik International (ALIP) is the Asian subsidiary of the world’s leading engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors for major offshore modular living quarters; Apply Leirvik A/S Norway and Emtunga AB Sweden.

Aluminium modular living quarters for offshore platforms

Alutech 5A aluminium modular LQ’s unique stressed skin design is ideal for weight-sensitive offshore topsides, platforms and installations.

This design offers more than 30% weight savings compared with conventional steel modules. A standard eight-man cabin module (10.3m x 3.3m x 3.6m) is easily lifted by existing platform crane or temporary cranes.

Apply Leirvik International (ALIP) produces Alutech 5A aluminium modular living quarters.
A typical ALIP module features a dual-cabin for eight people.
Clients can customise the layout of the module to feature washrooms or gym facilities.
ALIP’s interlinkable modules create large open space, which is suitable for dining / mess rooms.
The company’s Troll A LQ extension comprises linkable mini-modules.
ALIP’s Oseberg East LQ Extension is integrated to its existing LQ structure.

Unlike steel modules that need periodic painting and blasting, Alutech 5A modules require zero maintenance. ALIP’s HSE-orientated construction process ensures that all modules can be safely assembled and outfitted on ground level.

ALIP provides customisable assembly solutions via welded / bolted connections specifically for sites with ongoing operations. These configurations lead to reduced capex and opex costs.

Efficient construction buildability

ALIP’s aluminium LQ are pre-fabricated and shipped in containers / flat packs. Concurrent assembly via a parallel work process greatly reduces project lead time, and compact installation teams offer quicker delivery for tight project schedules, which reduces man-hours and improves cost savings.

The company also offers ready to plug-and-play modules for fast offshore deployment.

Clients are able to perform ad-hoc modification without any hot-work required, and end-of-life aluminium modules are recyclable so owners benefit from the scrap value.

Aluminium modules with up to H120 fire protection

DNV-certified fire protection schemes make the aluminium modules completely safe. The aluminium stressed skin design allows the module to be fire-protected on the outside, rather than the traditional method of allowing the outside skin to melt first.

Customisable configurations of modular buildings

ALIP offers different design configurations based on the client’s requirements, which include e-houses, galleys, mess halls, gyms, offices, laboratories and bathrooms / shower amenities.

Modules are stackable and interlinkable to form large space configuration such as auditoriums and meeting rooms. Configuration for temporary living quarters (TLQ) ensures that aluminium modules / stairs accessories are durable and robust for easy deployment.