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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers and Infrastructure Protection

HESCO® MIL™ unit is a prefabricated, modular defense system with proven ability to withstand ballistic and blast effects from the weapons of modern warfare.

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HESCO® MIL™ unit is a prefabricated, modular defense system with proven ability to withstand ballistic and blast effects from the weapons of modern warfare.

HESCO Defensive Barriers have become a recognizable part of the force protection landscape. The legendary MIL unit’s ability to position and contain large volumes of earth, sand, gravel or rock, to create limitless defensive barriers, made them an indispensable part of perimeter defense strategy, asset security planning and the protection of personnel, when based in an arduous and volatile environment.

HESCO units provide increased efficiency and security, reducing logistical burden, allowing the construction of city-like fortifications. Whether used as a preventative barrier or safe haven bunkers, HESCO ground-mounted units can safeguard personnel, vehicles, equipment, facilities and critical assets whenever and wherever needed.

Defending pipelines and creating safe havens for personnel

Defending, both critical infrastructure and civilian personnel, in dangerous regions against ever-present threats demands protection that is secure, reliable, and readily available.

HESCO earth-filled barriers protect oil and gas facilities around the world.
HESCO offer ground-mounted high-security Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers.
HESCO barriers safeguard critical infrastructure from breach or sabotage.
HESCO barriers are rapidly deployable and reduce the logistical burden.
HESCO barriers are used for perimeter defense, asset security and protection of personnel.
HESCO Accommodation Bunkers offer a safe haven for personnel.
HESCO Barriers are ground-mounted and rapidly deployable.

HESCO Accommodation Bunkers (HAB) create a safe haven for employees to retreat to for protection in volatile working environments. A wall service vent allows easy installation of air-conditioning and electricity, able to transform living spaces into communication hubs.

HESCO Security Barriers are ground-mounted, hostile vehicle mitigation security defences, with anti-climb fascia, engineered to provide a rapidly deployed high-level security fence for the protection of critical infrastructure and assets.

Each model can be built on undulating or sloping ground and available in heights up to 5m (16′), creating a formidable barrier.

Proven to safeguard from breach or sabotage

HESCO barriers are certified by the world’s leading authorities in blast mitigation and the effects of projectile impact, tested using a variety of weapons systems ranging from small arms to grenades, mortars to shaped charges, artillery to Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices, and awarded a K12 and M50 vehicle rating given only to products able to stop a 15,000lb truck traveling at 50mph.

Readily available and rapidly deployable

HESCO manufacture and distribute within the fastest possible timescales to meet all requirements and can assist with installations, from technical support to training, for any size of project.

Delivered flat-packed and requiring minimal assembly, utilizing locally available fill material such as sand, gravel, soil or even concrete, and employing minimal manpower, HESCO units can be filled using wheeled front loaders, excavators, concrete skips or by hand if equipment is unavailable.

Whether using the highly versatile MIL range of defensive units, or utilizing the growing range of protective structures, HESCO products protect military and civilian personnel, and the equipment and assets.

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