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Catering and Hospitality for Workers in Extreme Conditions

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Ligabue provides management capabilities for catering and hospitality services on work camps, remote sites, offshore platforms and large barges worldwide. These high-quality services and hygiene security are mandatory for international companies operating in the energy and large-scale construction sectors.

Canteen, bar and housekeeping services for remote sites, oil rigs or pipe-laying barges

Ligabue provides top services in extreme conditions: canteens, self-service and bar facilities, and housekeeping for communities working abroad in oil and gas prospecting, in large-scale construction work on remote or isolated sites, or on oil rigs and pipe-laying barges.

Catering services on-board oil platforms

Ligabue is a world leader in supplying both offshore and onshore and is unrivalled in terms of degree of specialisation, technical expertise and market experience.

The group is synonymous with full catering services on-board oil platforms and has collaborated with major oil companies such as Eni, Saipem, Exxon Mobil and Transocean, to mention but a few.

Ligabue provides catering and hospitality services for offshore platforms and large barges worldwide.
We offer canteen, bar and housekeeping services for oil rigs or pipe-laying barges.
The group is synonymous with full catering services on-board oil platforms.
We can provide advice, planning and installation of fittings and equipment for offshore catering.
Our offshore catering meets the strictest health and safety criteria.

On the strength of its experience and complete range of services, Ligabue offers oil companies operating in remote sites a reliable and enduring partnership. Working side-by-side with the customer, we deliver tailor-made solutions and strategies to satisfy the most difficult and diverse requirements.

Catering and housekeeping personnel for remote sites

In each field of work or in each community, our staff will consist of a camp chief or sector head, an administrative worker and/or warehouse person, a head of special services, a chef with various cooks, and a rooms and lodgings chief.

Fittings and equipment for offshore catering

At the client’s request we can provide advice, planning and installation of equipment for oil rigs, work camps, huts, tents and bungalows; studies for hotel installations and shopping centres; estimates for the supply of cutlery, furnishing of lodgings and laundry services for various numbers of people; and management services for automatic-distribution machines.

Hygiene and food safety for offshore catering

Our services are prepared according to the strictest health and safety criteria as regards the working conditions and environment required for handling food. We conduct biochemical tests on food and guarantee their organoleptic properties. Moreover, on request we provide special diets.

Appropriate menus and diets for offshore workers worldwide

Ligabue takes great care over the nutritional and diet requirements of all those working in difficult conditions. We carefully study, plan and prepare the most appropriate menus and diets for human well-being, taking into account ethnic groups and different religions.

ISO certification and quality management for offshore catering

Aware of the absolute importance of the quality of products and services supplied, Ligabue constantly strives to maintain and improve total quality through various actions:

  • Certification of the system quality according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000
  • Systematic continuous staff training programmes to guarantee that raw food is processed, prepared and served according to the strictest European and international hygiene standards
  • Recruitment of the highest-quality personnel

Logistics for offshore catering products

Thanks to its experience in all kinds of situations, Ligabue has built up a very flexible logistics organisation to guarantee that the right products always arrive at the right place, on time.

The company can thus meet customers’ requirements even in the most extreme conditions, such as those found in remote deserts or high seas.

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