Loran International Sales, Inc., a progressive company specializes in providing galley, laundry, accommodation equipment and parts. Established in 1993, Loran International has grown from $2.5 Million to $12 Million by providing equipment and supplies at competitive prices and quick response to the customers needs.

Loran has established distributorship for most of the major manufactures of commercial appliances and laundry equipment including European manufactures such as Metos, Beha Hedo, Electrolux and Bravilor. Our line sheet will give you an idea of our capabilities, not only for U.S.A. manufacturers but for international manufacturers as well. We also provide parts for all equipment that we sell and try to keep an inventory of most expendable items for quick delivery.

Our very knowledgeable staff is able provide quotations within one – two days depending on the circumstances and volume of the quotation. If you have problems finding equipment our staff has the resources to find those hard to locate items as well.

Air conditioners and water coolers / heaters for offshore applications

Loran International supplies industrial air conditioners for offshore applications, from trusted brands such as Whirlpool, G.E., Carrier, Climatrol and Coleman.

Loran International supplies air conditioners and heaters for various offshore applications.
Convection ovens, microwaves, bake and roast, and cook and hold ovens are available for high-volume cooking applications.
Loran International supplies laundry equipment from brands such Electrolux, Cissell, Speed Queen, Heubsch, IPSO and ADC.
Miscellaneous residential equipment and parts are available, including linens, mattresses, shower curtains, silverware, blenders, mixers, electrical can openers and food processors.

Stainless-steel water coolers are available from Elkay, Oasis and Halsey Taylor, in addition to high-quality water heaters for offshore accommodation modules. Both water heaters and coolers come in various configurations for your needs.

Ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers for galley kitchens

Loran International supplies name-brand convection ovens, microwaves, bake and roast, and cook and hold ovens, with standard features including convection, steam and combination modes, optimised cooking functions for maximum production, memory for recipe storage and automatic self-cleaning programs.

Rotisserie ovens are also available, from manufacturers such as Hobart, Duke, Rational, Baxter and Lang. These energy-efficient models have been specifically designed for high-volume cooking, and boast convection and radiant heat for fast and efficient production – up to 10% – 20% faster than conventional cooking.

Industrial-standard washers, dryers and laundry equipment

Loran International’s supply range of industrial-grade, energy-efficient laundry equipment includes equipment from trusted manufacturers such as Electrolux, Cissell, Speed Queen, Heubsch, IPSO and ADC.

Gas, electrical and steam dryers with up to 75lbs capacity are supplied, all designed to cope with the heavy demands of industrial applications. Our equipment is produced to high specifications and quality standards, by brands including American Dryer, Wascomat, Milnor and Cook.

Miscellaneous residential items for offshore accommodation units

Loran International supplies miscellaneous residential equipment and parts such as linens, mattresses, shower curtains, silverware, blenders, mixers, electrical can openers and food processors.

Loran International also supplies OEM replacement parts, generic replacement parts, and spare parts for all offshore kitchen, galley, and laundry equipment.

We hope that you allow Loran International a chance to meet your future needs and we look forward to working with your company.