Oakford Shipwrights is a multifaceted organisation supplying and servicing the Australian and offshore oil and gas exploration and production industry. We specialise in offshore refits and maintenance.

Established over 20 years ago, we are based in Bibra Lake, south of Fremantle, Western Australia. We have extensive experience in the industry, including shipbuilding, outfitting of boats, ships and oil rigs, gas platform refurbishments, and major and minor repairs.

Offshore accommodation refits, maintenance and repairs

Oakford Shipwrights offers a range of repair and refit services for offshore accommodation. We provide full refits to maintenance in control rooms, living quarters, offices, laboratories, galleys, wet units and sleeping quarters. We also carry out work on offshore tenders and support vessels.

We approach all work with a client-focused outlook. In our industry, word of mouth plays an important role in advertising, therefore we always endeavour to carry out the job to the highest standard for all clients. From advice on the right materials through to drawing design, manufacture and installation, we will work with you to get it right.

Oakford Shipwrights provides refits and maintenance for offshore control rooms.
We are able to refit offshore facilities with fire doors.
Oakford can fit-out kitchen areas for the offshore industry.
We our refits for offshore facilities can include fire-rated carpets, as well as fire-retardant modern office furniture.
We specialise in offshore accommodation upgrades, including TV cabinets.

Offshore fire-rated doors, wall panelling and carpets

We are able to refit offshore facilities with fire doors, fire-rated wall panelling and carpets, as well as fire-retardant modern office furniture.

Offshore facility design and construction services

Our wide range of services for offshore facilities includes:

  • Architectural design
  • Floating ceilings
  • Soundproofing
  • Flooring
  • Fixings and hardware

Offshore facility repair services

Oakford offers minor plumbing repairs to wet units and shower blocks.

We have highly skilled shipwrighters (pattern makers) and fibreglassers here at Oakford. With the expertise of these tradesmen, we are able to offer solutions to most repair jobs. Quotes are also available upon request.

Offshore control rooms upgrades

One of our most recent projects has been the upgrade of the central control room and office space on-board the Goodwyn A, a fixed platform located off the Karratha coastline – owned by Woodside Energy.

We were contracted to manufacture the components at our factory and progressively transport offshore to the facility as completed. Our tradesman travelled offshore on a series of visits to complete the installation with minimal interruption to production. This upgrade included flooring, ceiling, main console, desks, and various office cabinets. All materials used were marine quality and fire-rated, conforming to Australian standards and Woodside’s requirements.

Other projects include a control room upgrade on the North Rankin A platform, also owned by Woodside Energy.

Complete offshore accommodation upgrades

Oakford Shipwright recently completed a project for Woodside Energy on the Cossack Pioneer, a vessel located off the coast of Karratha, Western Australia.

The work consisted of a total accommodation upgrade along with galley and office space. Approximately 40 cabins were refurbished, requiring bunks, TV cabinets, desks, carpets, curtains, ensuite upgrade (stainless-steel components) FR doors, galley equipment and office furniture. Oakford Shipwright has built up a list of reliable suppliers, enabling us to source suitable materials quickly and easily.

The project was completed over several months, working in stages around Woodside Production and their staff to ensure the least amount of interruptions as possible. Our client was extremely satisfied with the result and quality of workmanship.

Refit and maintenance expertise for offshore facilities

All Oakford staff is recognised with HUET training and MSIC cards. We have over ten years’ experience with offshore industries, and conform to high safety standards and training.