Remote Site Solutions Africa (RSS) is the leading camp design, build and management company in sub-Saharan Africa. Its mission is to provide a comprehensive range of services to clients operating in the remotest of locations. Experience has led the company to realise that by creating a 'home away from home' living environment for all project personnel the working environment becomes conducive to good productivity.

Project accommodation, utilities and infrastructure roll-out

RSS can assist in the initial project and tender design phase with regards to project accommodation, utilities and infrastructure roll-out. This affords the client time to concentrate on core project disciplines while the often overlooked issue of camps is taken care of by a professional company.

Human resources are handled in a professional manner to avoid costly downtime. Project labour agreements (PLAs) are drawn up with the various contractors as well as local unions. This offers the client a competitive advantage with regards to creating parity amongst the various sub-contractors' labour and ex-pat workforces. This interaction with all stakeholders is key.

Logistical support comes in various guises, all of which RSS can handle. Experience has taught the company that a good working knowledge of regional and local conditions is critical to the success of all upstream developments in the project lifecycle. This alleviates costly project overruns cutting into downstream productivity and, more importantly, profitability.

RSS is the leading camp design, build and management company in sub-Saharan Africa.
RSS can assist with project accommodation, utilities and infrastructure roll-out.
RSS's accommodation can be fully customised to its clients' requirements.
RSS personnel have vast knowledge and experience of working across Africa on camp and accommodation projects.
RSS's accommodation services include world-class food services.

Customised accommodation for operating environments

RSS's solutions are implemented with the deep-rooted objective of strong relationships with its clients. A deep and thorough understanding of individual client requirements and operating environments, and leveraging of cost-effectiveness and operational efficiencies, ensures that the company's services are maximised and its clients' satisfaction is sustained.

RSS believes that the introduction of its many services and capabilities during the conception phase of a major project will add immense value.

Accommodation for remote construction projects or special events

The personnel of the RSS team have a vast knowledge and experience of working across Africa. Their ability to understand and cater to national and cultural diversities has proved vital in ensuring the smooth running of a remote construction project or special event, and their 'can do' attitude and willingness to embrace new challenges ensures they get the job done.

Turnkey camp and accommodation services

RSS can provide a complete turnkey operation that includes but is not limited to:

  • Catering
  • Camp construction
  • Camp management
  • Cleaning
  • Communication solutions
  • Event management
  • Facilities management
  • Health and safety
  • HR services
  • Logistics
  • Project management
  • Remote site medical services
  • Road construction and minor civil works
  • Site surveys and scouting
  • Training

Benefits of RSS's accommodation services

With RSS you enjoy the following major benefits:

  • An impressive track record, indicative of its commitment to deliver as promised
  • An uncompromising approach to product standards and service delivery
  • Innovative, exciting and world-class food solutions
  • A passion for excellent service
  • Proactive management structures
  • The ability to always deliver on promises
  • The highest calibre of staff throughout the company
  • Tried and tested operational systems and processes