Flex 33 accomodation module - interior

In the currently challenging oil and gas market, Specialist Services Group continue to keep ahead of the economic downturn thanks in large part to the quality and reliability of their products and services as well as their innovative engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Even in the current industry situation, the group is experiencing a strong demand for modular buildings for rental, with one of the world’s largest temporary living quarters orders received during the last year.

Based on this growth in demand for modular buildings for rental, Specialist Services Group is now increasing their rental fleet with the new cutting-edge accommodation module – FLEX 33. This unique accommodation solution is designed to maximise safety while providing a comfortable living environment.

FLEX 33 has been engineered and built to provide comfort, safety and reliability, meeting the highest global specifications and standards for offshore applications. Compliant with the stringent ABS code, it can be installed on all ABS-classed vessels worldwide. The module is also DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 certified, fully compliant with the latest MODU and A60 FTP requirements, and is IMO and SOLAS compliant for international use.

FLEX 33 modules provide flexible bed space from two to 12 men. Each module consists of a central corridor and two staterooms, accommodating one to six people. Each stateroom provides distinctive floorplan flexibility, including bunks, lockers and desk removal or addition to meet project specific requirements for maximised space efficiency. The units are also available as utility modules, such as kitchen, mess, pantry, tea room, recreation room and more. Modules can be also stacked up to four modules high to create TLQ complexes. Modular walkway and stairwell solutions developed by Specialist Services are also available to complement all installations.

This new generation of flexible and reliable modules keeps personnel safe in all global locations. FLEX 33 modules are available for both sales and hire and the floorplan flexibility enables modifications of internal elements in order to suit clients’ specific needs. Specialist Services’ ability to provide an overall solution for accommodation modules on a sale and/or hire basis provides a unique solutions that ensures optimum commercial and operational outcome based on clients’ specific project requirements.