With the aim of providing an engaging user experience, Redguard Specialist Services has re-launched its company website dedicated to present the company, its products and services, and other useful information to its clients, employees, business partners and other stakeholders.

The website is dedicated to oil and gas, utility, petrochemical, military, defence and other industries professionals looking for blast-resistant and ballistic-resistant modular buildings to keep their personnel and equipment safe.

The website has been re-designed and developed to provide a user-friendly experience and allow simple access to its company details, products and services information. All information is easily accessible through a fixed header menu and the latest news present in the Media Centre. Here you can also find brochures, product datasheets and other documents for download, as well as a photo gallery.

Redguard Special Services invites its visitors to explore the website, brochure and product datasheets.

For more information about products and services, send an enquiry form through this page.