Offshore wind farm port

Zeeland Seaports consists of two 16.5m-deep open-sea ports, Vlissengen and Terneuzen, that provide excellent access to North Sea energy projects. The ports offer onshore connections to the south-western Netherlands, and are highly specialised for handling a wide range of cargo.

The North Sea is the ideal location for generating wind energy. The wind is favourable, and thanks to slight water depths, it is relatively easy to build large wind parks. Not surprisingly, the area has a large number of offshore wind projects in planning and operation phases.

North Sea delivery bases for wind farms and oil and gas production

Offshore wind farm projects require a lot of materials that need to be shipped by sea. The Vlissengen and Terneuzen ports are close to the North Sea and are favourably located in relation to the Netherlands, Belgium, the north of France, the UK, and even Denmark and Germany. The ports are ideal bases for delivery, not just for wind energy projects, but also for oil and gas production activities in the North Sea.

Accessible sea ports

Vlissengen and Terneuzen are also very accessible. Broad installation vessels can navigate freely, unobstructed by locks or bridges. Efficient handling services are of the utmost importance for heavy load vessels that can only carry a limited amount of cargo on each trip.

Broad installation vessels can easily navigate in Zeeland Seaports, unencumbered by locks or bridges.
Speedy handling services are vital for heavy load vessels that can only carry limited cargo loads for each trip.
Manufacturers of wind generator parts look to Zeeland Seaports for the temporary storage of monopiles, transition pieces, and other equipment.

North Sea storage facilities

Space is another advantage of Zeeland Seaports. A large number of wind generator parts are manufactured in the mainland, for example in Limburg in the south-eastern Netherlands. Manufacturing companies often look to the ports specifically for the temporary storage of monopiles, transition pieces, and other equipment. Nearby companies such as BOW Terminals and Verbrugge Terminals offer the space and facilities needed for efficient transport to offshore construction sites.

Offshore energy construction facilities

Zeeland Seaports is a true one-stop-shop, with everything needed to facilitate the building of offshore energy projects. The first 20 projects have already been executed, and offshore wind parks being built today will need maintenance and replacements in a number of years. The port company has joined forces with trade and industry to promote the opportunities presented by Zeeland Seaports for the offshore wind industry.

Companies such as Hoondert and VDS specialise in the building of large steel constructions. In addition, Heerema provides foundations for drilling platforms, Mammoet is a specialist in the area of heavy transport and Multraship can be deployed as a towage service. There are many other companies that also provide successful services, and there is even a nearby heliport.