CNS International is a diving contractor company providing worldwide services such as air / mixed gas diving services, saturation diving services, inspection and work class ROV services, pipeline trenching and hydrostatic pipeline testing.

CNS International has been an IMCA contractor member since 2006 and is compliant with ISO 9001:2008.

Industrial diving, ROV and pipeline services

CNS International is the evolution of former diving company CNS – Societa Cooperativa Nazionale Sommozzatori, founded in 1988 with the aim of providing services to the oil and gas market. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience, CNS International runs a number of international projects and has an excellent track record with its clients.

Key factors of CNS International’s worldwide success are the high level of safety, the quality of its services, vast experience in subsea and offshore operations, the level of performance and cost effectiveness, and attention to clients’ needs – all of which combine to get the job done.

Safety, performance, effectiveness and a focus on clients' needs enable CNS International to offer high-quality services to global oil and gas industry.
CNS International offers air / mixed gas and saturation diving services.
CNS International's full range of ROV services includes inspection, NDT and ultra-heavy work-class systems.
CNS International - 'your diving partner' - is able to provide full subsea services: vessels operations, engineering, subsea inspection and construction, etc.
Technical, environmental, organisational and operational challenges are just part of the daily routine. CNS International supports clients in all phases of offshore operations.

Global subsea services

Thanks to great experience, a worldwide network and flexibility, CNS International is able to provide complete subsea services, from vessels operations and subsea activities engineering to underwater activities performed through owned equipment that is compliant with the highest international industry standards.

Air / mixed gas diving and ROV services

A unique mix of engineering, procedures, equipment and experienced world-class trained personnel allow CNS International to provide the highest standard of services.

Air / mixed gas diving (up to 50mt) and saturation diving (up to 300mt) allow manned underwater operations such as:

  • Maintenance, inspection and NDT services on platforms, offshore installations and pipelines
  • Salvage and recovery services
  • Decommissioning support services
  • Offshore construction support services
  • Spool installation and pipe / cable laying support services

ROV services:

  • Inspection and NDT services (magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic thickness measurements, ultrasonic inspection of welds, cathodic protection, etc.)
  • Heavy and ultra-heavy work-class ROV services
  • State-of-the-art data acquisition and management software

Worldwide diving, ROV and pipeline trenching and testing services

Although based in Italy, CNS International has agents well introduced in all major markets and counts on local logistics, support and supply services in its main areas of operations. We offer services in the Gulf of Mexico, Middle East, Far East, Canada, Mediterranean Sea, West Africa, and more.