Air-diving services and in-house design

DUC Diving is an independent diving company working on diverse offshore, near shore and inshore projects around the world.

We provide air-diving, and ROV services, as well as in-house design, engineering and fabrication to support a broad range of marine industries. With our own vessels, crews, equipment and technicians, we are equipped to deliver a complete capability with safety, reliability and flexibility.

Specialist diving skills for underwater inspection, repair work, non-destructive testing, cutting and welding services

For more than a quarter of a century, DUC Diving has been a reliable partner to clients in the energy, marine salvage, fishing and leisure industries. We can handle any underwater project needing specialist diving skills, including detailed underwater inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), cutting, burning and welding. DUC operates an in-house built robot for high-pressure cleaning of jetty-support piles. After cleaning these piles are capped with glass-fibre casings and an injection with epoxy ensures life-time protection around the tidal zone.

We have considerable experience in underwater repair work on concrete infrastructure and have installed, replaced, cleaned and maintained numerous structural components in situ.

DUC can provide specialist diving teams for any underwater project needing specialist skills, such as thorough inspection, NDT, welding and salvage operations.
We can provide machinery, such as an air-lift, which can be used for picking up sand on the seafloor.
All DUC Diving activities comply with international standards according to ISO-NEN 9001, SCC (200/03) safety systems and IMCA regulations.
All DUC’s three dedicated dive support vessels are equipped with heave-compensated cranes to lift and deploy diving and subsea equipment overboard.
DUC can supply machinery and equipment for a variety of subsea uses, such as digging and extraction.

Furthermore, several offshore salvage operations for insurance companies have been accomplished, as well as the deployment and installation of subsea pipelines and cables, welding sub-sea pipelines, single-point-mooring, in addition to installing numerous anodes for cathodical protection at sheet piles, combi-walls, windmill foundations, ships, pipelines and also placed impressed current systems.

DUC Diving has performed various soil investigations at sea using a vibro-core. This investigation can be combined with our own sub-bottom profiler for mapping the seafloor. DUC Diving also has vast experience with placing and recovery of sinker lines for the dredging industry, placing concrete armour blocks at breakwaters, connection and installation of windmills at sea, pre-trenching and other cable projects.

With subsea intervention, we provide detailed visual and bathymetric surveys when requested, in-house design, engineering and fabrication services, installation and maintenance support, as well as contracting and project management packages for offshore, near-shore and coastal developments.

Inshore, DUC Diving is experienced in the inspection and repair of dams and hydroplants, as well as underwater works at sewage treatment plants. We even deploy divers to assist in the installation and maintenance of hydraulic swimming pool floors, so there is really no limit to what we can do.

Experienced diver teams and marine crews

DUC Diving has been providing specialist diving services for more than 25 years, so has a vast amount of expertise and experience within the company. This gives us more scope to apply creativity and innovation in solving difficult problems.

We never rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach; instead we carefully assess and plan each job to ensure that the people, resources and solutions are appropriate to your requirements. All DUC divers are trained, qualified and committed to achieving excellence in everything they do. DUC is proud to be recognised by numerous international well-known companies to achieve the ‘impossible’ in very difficult and special problems through our ‘out of the box’ thinking and approach.

DUC Diving maintains its own divers and marine crew, so that experience gained in the company will stay within the company. Familiarity with vessels, equipment and procedures is the key to our ability to provide fast, efficient mobilisation and project turnaround.

Vessels with cranes, storage and accommodation

All our dedicated support vessels are equipped with cranes for salvage operations and to lift and deploy diving and subsea equipment overboard.

We operate currently two dedicated dive support and crane barges: Ram and De Reiger. Ram is 57m long and 9.5m wide, while De Reiger is 25m long and 11.5m wide. There is ample deck space for storage and onboard accommodation for marine crews. The company also operates and maintains a Saab SeaEye ROV for subsea inspection work. Light and agile, the SeaEye is perfect for providing additional support to our diving operations.

Meeting ISO-NEN 9001, ISO-NEN 14001, SCC safety standards and IMCA regulations

All DUC Diving activities are carried out to international standards according to ISO-NEN 9001, ISO-NEN 14001, SCC (200/03) safety systems and IMCA regulations. Regardless of the size of the project or the size of the company carrying out the work, we are on hand to provide essential support in whatever is needed.

We are happy to act as the main contractor or sub-contractor; flexibility is a hallmark of our long-term success, together with our unwavering pursuit of improved quality, safety and reliability.

Assistance with underwater engineering, project management, diving surveys and environmental services

DUC Diving operates worldwide. All kind of projects have been executed varying from India, Georgia, the UK, North Sea, Israel, Australia, Mauritania, Poland, Turkey, Romania, Germany, France, Belgium, Maledives, Venezuela, Denmark and of course in The Netherlands.

For specific information about DUC Diving’s experience, previous projects, operating environments, resources, equipment and expertise, or if you are looking for a solution to a specific set of problems, assistance with underwater engineering, project management or diving, survey and environmental services, feel free to contact us.