Global Offshore Consulting (GOS) specialises in offshore and survey personnel. In addition, we are also exclusive dealers of C-Nav® in Scandinavia, and provide several C-Nav products for sale or lease. Since 2010, the SatPos Citius tracking system has been included in our range of available services.

Survey personnel and ROV operators

GOC provides a wide range of offshore personnel, including but not limited to survey personnel and ROV operators.

GPS precise point positioning system

C-Nav is a dynamic GPS precise point positioning system that provides worldwide accuracy of <0.1m horizontally and 0.2m vertically (at one sigma within adequate INMARSAT and GPS satellite visibility).

C-Nav’s superior solution is based on real-time GYPSY® technology developed by Nasa’s jet propulsion laboratory to provide centimeter-level accuracy for navigation in space and for a range of complex spacecraft manoeuvers.

GOS is the exclusive dealer of C-Nav&reg;, a dynamic GPS precise point positioning system, in Scandinavia.
C-Nav's superior solution is based on real-time GYPSY&reg; technology developed by Nasa to provide centimeter-level accuracy for navigation in space.
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Advanced GPS technology for the marine industry

C-Nav does not suffer from the effects of spatial decorrelation found in traditional DGPS systems, nor does it require seeing common GPS satellites. It solves the problem by solving the cause of the problem – at its source. C-Nav’s positioning is just as accurate in both marine and land environments. A single RTG subscription service, combined with C-Nav hardware, will provide worldwide positioning capability of 0.1m or better.

Globally corrected GPS system with redundancy mode

C-Nav operates in a variety of redundant modes, incorporating redundancy through system and software diversity. In the unlikely event that the RTG signal subscription service fails, C-Nav will continue to deliver its inherent accuracy for some 20 minutes before reverting to fail-safe wide area augmentation solutions (e.g. WAAS or EGNOS) providing 1m-2m accuracy.

About GOS

GOS was established in January 2002 as a specialist recruitment service company for the offshore industry. In 2004, we expanded our business to become the leading provider of the C-Nav globally corrected GPS system in Scandinavia, with our main market being the offshore survey and construction industry.

Our main office is located in a small coastal town called Kalvåg, which is about 20 minutes by fast-ferry from the town of Florø. We also have a sales and marketing office located in Trondheim.