N-Seatec provides worldwide technical solutions and services to clients in various sectors such as on and offshore contractors, the dredging industry, shipyards and government departments.

With the execution of technical advanced projects throughout the years and special product development, N-Seatec has gained a unique expertise in design and manufacturing of high-tech (underwater) equipment. A range of standard products is available as well as multidisciplinary services like:

  • Mechanical / hydraulical / electrical / software design and engineering
  • Full testing capabilities and maintenance support
  • Calibration and MPI services

Complete subsea systems

N-Seatec is able to deliver custom built and tailor-made systems. Through the years it has both designed and delivered a large number of complete subsea systems.

From small custom devices up to complete special-purpose ROV systems, N-Seatec has gained a lot of experience in engineering, design, manufacturing and maintaining such equipment.

N-Seatec supplies various launch and recovery systems, including the LARS 20ft 4.5t manriding system, which is especially designed for diving support applications.
The HOEK-021 programmable angle transmitter is made from heavy-duty stainless steel for subsea use with various outputs.
A heavy-duty spring loaded proximity switch.
N-Seatec is the exclusive agent for Seacon® connectors in the Benelux.
N-Seatec is the exclusive agent for Bowtech products in the Benelux.

Subsea angle, submersible pressure and inclination transmitters

Various models of angle transmitters are available from stock depending on your application, ranging from heavy-duty deepwater up to lightweight splashproof versions. Most transmitters are deliverable with a standard analog sensor or high-end digital interface.

Various highly accurate submersible pressure transmitters are available off the shelf. All built in a stainless-steel housing, our transmitters can operate in the most extreme circumstances.

Designed for angle measurement of booms, anchor chains and construction parts, N-Seatec offers a range of standard heavy-duty inclination transmitters for subsea use.

Fixed and spring-loaded proximity sensors

N-Seatec offers fixed mounted or spring-loaded proximity sensors in various models. The latest design is an ultrasonic version which is programmable for various distances.

Submersible housings for subsea applications

Through the years N-Seatec has made numerous atmospheric pods and oil-filled junction boxes for subsea use. Depending on water depth and application, various models are available and can be adapted depending on the customer’s specific request.

Subsea hydraulic compensators

N-Seatec has a range of standard hydraulic compensators designed for a wide range of subsea applications. Small sizes (0.5l) up to quite large versions (15l) are available off the shelf, all deliverable with an optional level sensor or switches.

Spring-loaded veered length transmitters

N-Seatec’s spring-loaded veered length transmitter has been designed for position measurement of pile carries, trolleys or other construction parts.

These days this unit is fitted with a programmable sensor so that adjustments can be made in the field.

Monitoring systems for floating excavators

For more than 15 years N-Seatec has been offering the state-of-the-art DipperMaster® monitoring system. Specially designed for floating excavators, the system includes heavy-duty angle transmitters for accurate measurements as well as a user-friendly presentation package, which enables easy handling and logging for the operator.

Bowtech subsea cameras, lights and controllers

N-Seatec is exclusive distributor for Bowtech products in the Benelux. Bowtech is a manufacturer of subsea equipment such as cameras, LED lights, controllers, etc. for the offshore, dredging, diving and military market.

Subsea colour cameras

The standard Bowtech camera range varies from small inspection cameras for the diving industry as well for observation purposes, to the newest digital high-definition (HD) colour cameras used on ROV systems. Also available in 3D.

Low-light and monochrome underwater cameras

The EXPLORER low-light level, high resolution, underwater monochrome CCD camera is the ideal solution for extremely low-light level underwater viewing and navigation, yet still produces excellent images in high-intensity illumination.

A monochrome camera offers a low-cost solution for underwater viewing and observation. Various types are available off the shelf.

LED and halogen lights

Equipped with the latest LED technology, several LED lights are available for each specific application. Due to the exceptional lifetime of a LED, this type results in a serious cost saving over lamps with an incandescent bulb.

We are able to offer a LED insert as a replacement for most existing halogen lights.

Subsea connectors and cabling

N-Seatec is exclusive dealer for Seacon connectors Whether you require a power connector or a connection for signal we are able to help you out. Most common types are deliverable from stock.

Underwater cables

We also have a wide range of underwater cables in stock. Mainly for sensor and video applications as well as dredging applications, these cables are designed to be used in harsh environments. We can also deliver special-made umbilicals for each particular offshore installation in just a few weeks if required with moulded connector(s).

Custom-made cabling sets for submersible sensors and subsea installations

We have an in-house moulding shop where we produce complete custom-made cabling sets for all our sensors and subsea installations as well as third party equipment. We are also able to make customer-specific moulds on request.

Penetrators for underwater equipment

N-Seatec provides various standard penetrators designed for all kinds of underwater equipment. Where a connector is not used, a penetrator could protect your application against water ingress.