outland facility

Outland Technology is a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and other monitoring solutions for offshore applications.

Our unique products feature rugged, hard-wearing designs for maximum safety and longevity, and are equipped with the latest technology in order to optimise the efficiency of clients’ operations and ensure compliance with industry quality standards.

Rugged remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for subsea applications

Outland’s unique ROV units feature high-quality rotating colour cameras that are specially designed to allow 360° tilting for optimum viewing capability. The powerful 1,020px x 508px camera also includes a precise sensor system to provide information regarding the camera’s tilt angle, as well as the pitch and roll of the ROV when required.

Outland’s innovative remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are equipped with 360° tilting cameras, with an additional back-facing camera fitted to the rear to provide comprehensive subsea visibility.
Our MP-100 manipulator can be powered using the ROV’s 24VDC twisted pair and is configurable with an array of detachable jaws in various shapes and sizes.

In addition, the ROVs comprise an additional rear-facing, 750 line resolution camera with identical specifications to the primary camera to provide extra spatial awareness during operation. LED lights are built into the rear of the system’s control unit to aid visibility.

Our simple and robust ROVs are rated to depths of 1,000ft (300m) and equipped with brushless DC motors and four magnetically coupled thruster systems that feature no dynamic shaft bearings, reducing maintenance costs. The ROV is able to achieve 34lb of forward thrust in total.

The ROV’s lights, cameras, thrusters and manipulator are all digitally controlled, which allows for user-friendly operation, while allowing the company to provide upgrades remotely when required via software updates.

Our complete ROV range includes the 1000, 2000 and 2500 models, which contain different size, weight and maximum power configurations to suit customers’ own specific needs. Standard systems are supplied with a 500ft cable, while 2,000ft systems can also be provided on request.

Dual-function manipulators for marine inspections

Outland’s MP-100 two-function manipulator is an innovative recovery solution designed for use with the company’s ROV. The practical and user-friendly system can be powered directly via the vehicle’s on-board 24VDC power units for added convenience.

Our versatile manipulator offers both rotating and open / close functionality, and can be fitted with a range of magnetically coupled trident and interlocking jaws of varying sizes depending on the intended application, as well as a handy rope cutter for specialist tasks. The adaptable grabbing jaws can be easily equipped and removed using a single allen wrench.

The MP-100 features no shaft seals and its durable casing is manufactured from titanium with a 3,000m depth rating, making it the ideal solution for application with underwater ROVs to grasp or retrieve items in otherwise hard-to-reach areas.

ROV add-ons and accessories for offshore activities

Outland’s 1000, 2000 and 2500 ROV systems can be equipped with many optional extras depending on the user’s intended application.

Our ROV units feature an extra 100W of 24VDC electric power and are equipped with an additional twisted pair cable in the umbilical, which can be used to transmit data or video, or serve as a trigger for further cameras and other electronic devices.

The company offers a variety of supplementary imaging sonars, metal detectors and cathodic protection (CP) probes, which can be fitted to the standard ROV device for specialist operations.

About Outland Technology

Established in 1984 in Gretna, Louisiana, US, Outland Technology has since been expanded and relocated into an extensive 13,500ft2 design and manufacturing facility headquartered in Slidell, Louisiana.

We are committed to providing an extensive line of innovative audio and video solutions featuring high-volume components that are carefully optimised for specific operations. Our products are regularly deployed in a wide variety of marine, military and industrial applications.

Outland’s rugged and dependable solutions have been developed on the basis of valuable in-field experience and industry expertise, combining high-tech performance capabilities with unique safety features to deliver consistently reliable and cost-effective products.