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Saga Subsea

Rental Remote-Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Equipment

Skillebekkgaten 1,
Killingøy Offshorebase,
NO-5523 Haugesund,

Skillebekkgaten 1,
Killingøy Offshorebase,
NO-5523 Haugesund,

Saga Subsea

Saga Subsea is a comprehensive supplier of rental remote-operated vehicle (ROV) equipment and industrial services.

Rental subsea equipment for the offshore industry

Saga Subsea provides subsea and offshore projects with innovative and high-quality rental tools.

Much of the equipment is designed in-house with customised solutions, making it beneficial and easier for the operators to use when offshore.

Observational-class ROV management

In order to allow clients to focus on their main operations, Saga Subsea offers Observational-class ROVs from its rental tool pool, supplied with or without a 360° programme.

The vehicles can be operated either manned or unmanned, as the company can implement a total management programme for the system, or provide them as rented assets.

ROV equipment sales for offshore operations

Saga Subsea offers a variety of equipment for sale such as ROV knives, fishtail and D-bar ROV handles, cleaning tools and subsea grinders.

The company provides clients with cleaning brushes, gas sampling bottles and a variety of other subsea products that can be delivered at short notice when planning for subsea projects.

Subsea maintenance and repair services

From the company’s workshop on Killingøy Offshorebase, Saga Subsea offers clients maintenance and preservation services, as well as preparation of equipment and assets before or after an offshore project.

As the company’s highly skilled and experienced operators facilitate client operations, follow-ups performed by its project managers are reduced to a minimum.

Offshore vessel mobilisation support

Saga Subsea provides experienced coordinators to manage its clients’ vessel mobilisations.

The company ensures all project equipment is on-board at the right time, as well as facilitates the provision of ad-hoc machinery.

Human resource (HR) solutions

Saga Subsea provides clients with ROV pilots, supervisors and riggers / deck hands. All personnel have many years of experience from subsea operations worldwide.

With high-quality engineers and project managers, Saga Subsea is experienced in inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR) applications and construction for both offshore and renewable industries.

The company also provides clients with total project management services, and supplies rental HR solutions for engineers.

Saga Subsea Establish Office in Gran Canaria

Saga Subsea AS have now established ourselves on the Gran Canaria Subsea and Offshorebase (GCSB), where we will offer our clients the same services as we today do from our main offices on Killingøy Offshorebase, Haugesund.

Saga Subsea AS

Skillebekkgaten 1

Killingøy Offshorebase

NO-5523 Haugesund