Videotec effectively reacted to protect its patent rights at the 2010 International Security Show in Essen, Germany, and has obtained an immediate ban with seizure of counterfeit products, exhibited by some Taiwanese manufacturers, infringing some of Videotec’s product patents. Authorities went to the relevant stands and seized the incriminating material.

This is another success that follows the one in 2008 at the same trade show.

Videotec has been manufacturing a broad range of approved, professional video-surveillance products for 25 years and over that time the company has often engaged in battles to protect its own industrial rights against the unfair competition of some Eastern manufacturers who try to benefit from the reputation gained by Videotec products in the market, by marketing low-end and low-price counterfeit products.

Moreno Barbieri, managing director of Videotec, explains: “It’s very important for the manufacturers to stand against these shameful forgeries and protect their rights as well as their customer rights. I really hope this second strike in the field by Videotec will strongly reinforce the concept that fighting against imitation products must be part of a corporate strategy.”