Videotec has announced that their Ulisse range of internet protocol (IP) positioning units are now integrated with Milestone’s XProtect® IP video management platform.

Videotec is a milestone manufacturing alliance partner (MAP), which ensures full-featured integration of the Ulisse IP product line with XProtect open platform IP video software from Milestone Systems.

Ulisse IP and Ulisse compact IP are ultra-fast positioning units with MPEG4 real-time video, fully controllable over IP, for most severe outdoor environments and heavy-duty video surveillance tasks.

Milestone’s device support team recently released the XProtect device pack 5.2, which incorporates both the Ulisse IP and the Ulisse compact IP range into their list of interoperable products, allowing the integration of the Ulisse IP pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) unit in a wide selection of third-party systems. Operators will be able to control the functions of all IP versions of Ulisse and Ulisse compact through the XProtect video management software, including the wiper and washer.

“The range of Ulisse integrated PTZ units has become the benchmark for outdoor video surveillance and our mission is to continuously expand the range with innovative and competitive solutions. The partnership with Milestone is part of our commitment to maintain the highest level of performance for these sophisticated devices,” said Videotec’s sales director, Enrico Dani.