radical thermal

Italy-based security firm Crisma Security has announced the integration of Videotec’s ‘Navtech’ radar, including the Ulisse Radical Thermal range of PTZ thermal cameras, within its critical site security system designs.

This combination of advanced technologies offers a unique and flexible solution for optimal management of large-scale critical infrastructures.

The Navtech Radar is an innovative radar device that uses millimetre wave technology, creating a highly automated and reliable system to help protect against intrusion.

Navtech is able to detect a person in a radius of up to 1000m automatically, both in the day and at night, and in all environmental conditions (rain, fog, snow…). Each radar sensor performs one 360° scan cycle of the monitored area every second.

This means that the device is able to precisely map any target objects in the scene that it’s surveilling (vehicles, people, etc.), their speed and their direction. The sensors can define several parameters with regards the subdivision of the areas to be monitored, with alarm rules for abnormal situations that are customised according to different criteria.

Radar detection is accompanied by the visual surveillance capability of the Ulisse Radical Thermal, a PTZ thermal camera that offers high functional and mechanical performance and, with a wide field of vision, is capable of capturing images of people and objects even in the dark or during adverse environmental conditions.

This integrated system means that the radar automatically guides the thermal PTZ, and uses software to send the exact coordinates of the target that needs to be followed rapidly and continuously. This provides real-time visual feedback of the detected event.

Interaction between the radar and the PTZ thermal imaging camera is synchronised perfectly. The coordinates given by the radar very quickly guide the PTZ, following the target in a perfect sequence of fast and fluid movements.

Constantly sharp images of the scene are made possible thanks to the Ulisse Radical Thermal’s exceptional autofocus system, which allows the camera to achieve perfect focus levels quickly and effectively.

The integrated system brought together by Crisma Security and Videotec has been tested successfully at an Italian airport where it provided high levels of security while monitoring sensitive areas.

The system provides security managers with quick information on unwanted intrusions, with instant, real-time views of the target’s presence and position in monitored areas. It enables early intervention and ensures total and continuous coverage of external infrastructures.