The team of Videotec, world-class manufacturer of products for the most demanding video surveillance applications, is delighted to confirm the boom in visits at its stand at OTC.

Visitors expressed their appreciation of the advanced technological performance of the new products on show, such as the MAXIMUS specialist line of sturdy PTZ cameras certified and designed to ensure total protection for very high risk environments, such as the oil & gas sea-based facilities, refineries, gas pipelines, oil tankers, offshore platforms, industrial processes and chemical industries.

Visitors to the Videotec stand were especially impressed by the ability of these PTZ cameras, Day/Night or Thermal, to track and follow intruders in the most hostile condition, with zero visibility, from open sea, through fog or smoke or for large distances, with minimum maintenance needs.

Country manager Nicola Risi expressed his satisfaction: "This success rewards our continuous commitment and considerable investments to respond to the complex needs of the offshore market with the best video surveillance products. Our company has a field proven reliability with a long list of site references in the offshore industry, its products have been distributed for nearly 30 years now and are currently being used with utmost satisfaction in the most important security systems throughout the world."

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