Videotec has announced that the new Ulisse Evo PTZ range will integrate the high-sensitivity Sony FCB-EV7520 camera.

This camera provides high performance and image quality for the external surveillance of airports, critical infrastructures and traffic.

The new Ulisse Evo with the Sony FCB-EV7520 camera has a 30x optical zoom and a 1/2.8” Exmor RTM CMOS sensor with Full HD 1080/60p resolution that produces excellent image quality, even when surveilling moving objects and in poor lighting conditions.

Its powerful image stabilisation algorithm means that tiny camera vibrations are detected and any blur in the footage is dynamically corrected, resulting in a sharp image of the scene being surveilled. This is useful for traffic monitoring applications where the camera could be buffeted by wind or shaken by mechanical vibrations, especially if it installed on an unstable structure such as a bridge or pole.

With the Ulisse Evo PTZ range, you can set up to 24 dynamic privacy zone masks. These masks change size and shape based on the pan/tilt/zoom position so objects that shouldn’t be seen can remain hidden.

The advanced Sony technology brings wide dynamic range and high light compensation functions that allow optimal management of contrasting light and dark conditions.

The camera’s high sensitivity means you receive colour video with a minimum illumination of just 0.0013lx (0.0008lx in black and white). This allows for surveillance coverage even when lighting at the scene is very poor. The LED illuminator integrated into the PTZ is also available as an accessory and ensures continuous monitoring, 24 hours a day.

Its de-fog function provides a clear view in fog or other kinds of visual haze. When this function is activated, the camera detects how hazy it is and compensates accordingly in the image. A wiper is supplied as standard for the optimal cleaning of the front glass.

Ulisse Evo operates at maximum efficiency between -40°C and 65°C. It is IK10, IP66/IP67/IP68, NEMA Type 4X and Type 6P protected, as well as being wind-resistant up to 230km/h. This ensures optimum protection against dust and bad weather, strong impacts or gusts of wind, and acts of vandalism.